12 Stories They Wouldn't Let Me Do on TV (edited by Alfred Hitchcock)

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    Gửi các bạn thích đọc truyện thể loại kinh dị/hình sự của Alfred Hitchcock tuyển tập 12 truyện "kinh dị" supernatural do A. Hitchcock biên tập.


    Being a murderer myself / by Arthur Williams
    Lukundoo / by Edward Lucas White
    A woman seldom found / by William Sansom
    The perfectionist / by Margaret St. Clair
    The price of the head / by John Russell
    Love comes to Miss Lucy / by Q. Patrick
    Srendi Vashtar / by Saki
    Love lies bleeding / by Philip MacDonald
    The dancing partner / by Jerome K. Jerome
    Casting the runes / by M.R. James
    The voice in the night / by William Hope Hodgson
    How love came to Professor Guildea / by Robert S. Hichens

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