American Flying Boats and Amphibious Aircraft - E. R. Johnson

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    American Flying Boats and Amphibious Aircraft:
    An Illustrated History
    Tác giả: E. R. Johnson
    Nhà xuất bản: McFarland
    Ngày xuất bản: 04-12-2009
    Số trang: 384
    Giá bìa: $42,92
    Định dạng file: PDF

    This work is a comprehensive, heavily illustrated history of the many flying boats and amphibious aircraft designed and built in the United States. It is divided into three chronological sections: the early era (1912-1928), the golden era (1928-1945), and the post-war era (1945-present), with historical overviews of each period. Within each section, individual aircraft types are listed in alphabetical order by manufacturer or builder, with historical background, technical specifications, drawings, and one or more photographs. Appendices cover lesser known flying boat and amphibian types as well as various design concepts that never achieved the flying stage.

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