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    Best of Beadwork: 10 Designer of the Year Projects
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    Now you can create beautiful jewelry with beading patterns from leading designers and instructors with 10 favorite projects you can have right now!Enhance your designs and boost your jewelry-making skills with tips and tricks for stunning seed bead necklaces and bracelets.Best of Beadwork: 10 Designer of the Year Projectsis an instant download eBook packed with 10 intricate seed bead jewelry designs and beading patterns, handpicked from the trusted experts at Beadwork magazine. Get access to instructions and step-by-step details for all these favorite jewelry-making techniques from leading experts right away.

    This easy-to-follow eBook is full of seed bead jewelry designs and projects to boost your skills in ladder stitch, square stitch, whipstitch, picot, fringe, right-angle weave, peyote, herringbone, and much more. Learn jewelry-making techniques while getting insight on how to seed bead with a wide arrange of bead patterns from your favorite artists!

    Download this must-have resource today to:
    • Get instant access to stunning seed bead patterns, projects, and expert jewelry-making how-tos.
    • Master 10 of the most popular projects for Designer of the Year projects from Beadworkmagazine.
    • Create the perfect piece with helpful hints on how to seed bead with step-by-step jewelry-making instructions.
    • Take a master class from experienced designers such as Jean Campbell, Laura McCabe, Carol Ohl, Melanie Potter and Jamie Hogsett.
    • Skip the guesswork with full-color illustrations and detailed tool and material lists.
    • Take on your own twist and create endless variations with hot jewelry-making techniques and materials.
    • And more!
    Uncover inspiration for your jewelry designs with instruction on how to seed bead stitch with Beadwork’s Designers of the Year beading patterns.

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