Romance Bluebonnet Texas Series (#1~#3) - Amie Stuart

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    Warning: If you're expecting me to write something serious here, you will be disappointed.

    I can't say I'm one of those writers who always KNEW they wanted to be a writer. Nor could I say I've been doing it all my life, though I did find some old notes I wrote my mom eons ago-I think I was five. My how time flies.

    Growing up, I wanted to be a lawyer and a psychologist-obviously I've seen the light, though to be honest, I've never settled down into any career until I started writing. I've worked fast food, as a receptionist, an office manager (in a daycare that gets me bonus points), delivered pizza, did a stint at Wally World as a cashier, and was a hairdresser for five years (oh the stories I could tell). And that's just the stuff I got paid to do! These days I file stuff, answer phones and tweak websites to put food on the table--this is important when you have a kid in college--and write in my spare time.

    I figure it was all training for the writing gig. That and all those Barbara Cartland romances I cut my teeth on.

    I don't drink beer (why would I when God gave us Vodka?) and I don't like football, but don't tell the Powers that Be or they might revoke my Texas Citizenship. And I say y'all but never y'all all, cause that's just wrong.

    Last but not least, I'm a storyteller and a writer, and I'm here to entertain you.


    Pets: Um four. I have no idea how this happened. Six if you count the kids.

    Books: WAY too many. I have no idea how this happened either. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    What do you read for fun: Pretty much anything!

    What would you be doing if you couldn't be a writer? Be a professional sleeper. You can get paid for that, right?

    Who is your favorite basketball team? Hmm if you ask my kids, it's UT (that's Longhorns not Tennessee), but truthfully I'm a longtime North Carolina fan.
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    The Cowgirl Rides Away Vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem link


    “Everybody Lies”

    My name is Jessalyn Stratton. I’ve been riding the rodeo circuit since I was seventeen. Now, I’m a twenty-six year old wash-out, a has-been with a fake knee who’s never really dated and never had a boyfriend. Then I stumbled across a personal ad on the Internet.

    Zack Boudreaux is a twenty-seven year old single dad living and working on his family’s ranch in Texas. He’s looking for the woman of his dreams and thinks he might have found it in me.

    I should be riding off into the sunset, living my Happily Ever After. Except after months of emailing each other and sharing secrets I’d never told a living soul, I still had one last secret to tell.

    Opening up to Zack was easy. Telling the truth could change everything.

    Warning: this story contains a mail-order bride, sort of, a couple of secret babies (or 3), lots of hot cowboys and (a butt-ton of family) drama.

    Please Note: The Cowgirl Rides Away is a full-length contemporary romance novel. It’s intended for mature readers, contains adult language and content, but NO cliffhanger.

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    Once in a Blue Moon Vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem link


    At eighteen, Ty Boudreaux married his high school sweetheart and planned to live happily ever after on the family ranch. But after twelve years in a volatile, one-sided marriage, this newly divorced cowboy is struggling to put his life back together.

    At eighteen, Bettina Blanchard's goal in life had been to shake the dust of Bluebonnet, Texas, off her heels, and with her baby sister now safely in college, that dream is within her grasp. But underneath Bad Betti's tough exterior beats the heart of a woman with hopes and dreams, and she's loved Ty almost as long as he loved his ex-wife.

    When fate drops Ty in her lap, one night of passion leaves them dealing with an unexpected pregnancy and a marriage both have reservations about.
    Can a girl from the wrong side of the tracks and Bluebonnet's favorite son find common ground outside the bedroom? Despite the interfering in-laws, a jealous baby sister and a Thanksgiving Dinner no one wants to remember, Betti and Ty discover that even though their happily ever after doesn't come easy, anything worth having is worth working for.

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    Redheaded Stranger: A Cowboy Love Story Vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem link


    When Keilana Boudreaux married the love of her life, Alexander Boudreaux, she understood that he was estranged from his family, but the birth of their son changes everything.

    Nobody holds a grudge like a redhead—Alexander is proof of that. Ten years ago he found out his father had an affair…and a child. Unable to forgive or forget, he's stayed away until one fateful Thanksgiving when instead of telling his family about his own marriage (and child), he loses his cool.

    But Zander isn’t the only one with a fiery temper. When Kei finds out what really happened, she issues an ultimatum—tell your family about us or else. Zander refuses and Kei takes matters into her own hands, packs up the car and heads for Bluebonnet, Texas, and her unsuspecting in-laws.

    *Warning this book contains a secret baby (or two), family feuds, and married people having hot sexy times.

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