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    1. Wooden Boxes: Skill-Building Techniques for Seven Unique Projects - Dennis Lee Zongker
    2. Creating Wooden Boxes on the Scroll Saw
    3. New Masters of the Wooden Box: Expanding the Boundaries of Box Making (New Masters Series) - Oscar P. Fitzgerald
    4. Custom Wooden Boxes for the Scroll Saw: Step-By-Step Instructions and Detailed Plans for 30 Plus Innovative Projects - Diana Thompson
    5. Creative Wooden Boxes from the Scroll Saw: 28 Useful & Surprisingly Easy-to-Make Projects - Carole Rothman -
    6. Custom Wooden Music Boxes for the Scroll Saw: Over 45 Projects from the Berry Basket Collection - Rick & Karen Longabaugh
    7. Multi-Use Collapsible Basket Patterns: Over 100 Designs for the Scroll Saw - Rick Longabaugh, Karen Longabaugh
    8. Wooden Bowls from the Scroll Saw: 28 Useful & Surprisingly Easy-to-Make Projects (Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Book) - Carole Rothman
    9. Box-Making Projects for the Scroll Saw: 30 Woodworking Projects That Are Surprisingly Easy to Make - Gary Mackay - Mantesh
    10. Super Simple Scroll Saw Clocks: 40 Designs You Can Make - John A. Nelson
    11. Wildlife Intarsia: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making 3-Dimensional Wooden Portraits - Judy Gale Roberts, Jerry Booher
    12. Easy-to-Make Wooden Sundials - Milton Stoneman
    13. Making Wood Trucks & Construction Vehicles - Reg Martin
    14. Crafting Wooden Lamps: 24 Brilliant Weekend Projects - Ken Burton
    15. Building Wooden Machines: Gears & Gadgets for the Adventurous Woodworker - 2012 - Alan Bridgewater, Gill Bridgewater
    16. The New Scroll Saw Handbook - Patrick Spielman
    17. Scroll Saw Fretwork Patterns - Patrick Spielman, James Reidle
    18. Scroll Saw Pictures: An Illustrated Guide to Creating Scroll Saw Art. over 70 Patterns (Schiffer Book for Woodworkers) - Frank Pozsgai , Douglas Congdon-Martin
    19. The Pattern Companion: Scroll Saw - Dirk Boelman , Kerry Shirts , Patrick Spielman
    20. Zodiac Puzzles for Scroll Saw Woodworking: 30 Projects from the Eastern and Western Calendars (Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Book) - Judy Peterson , Dave Peterson
    21. North American Wildlife Patterns for the Scroll Saw: 61 Captivating Designs for Moose, Bear, Eagles, Deer and More - Lora S. Irish
    22. Animal Portraits in Wood: Crafting 16 Artistic Mosaics with Your Scroll Saw - Neal Moore
    23. Advanced Scroll Saw Clocks: Measured Drawings for Five Antique Samples - John Nelson
    24. Holiday Ornaments for the Scroll Saw: Over 300 Beautiful Patterns from the "Berry Basket Collection" - Rick Longabaugh , Karen Longabaugh
    25. 50 Easy Weekend Scroll Saw Projects - John A. Nelson
    26. 3D Patterns for the Scroll Saw: Time Saving Tips and Ready-to-cut Patterns for 45 Unique Projects (Scroll Saw Project Books) - Diana Thompson
    27. Southwest Scroll Saw Patterns - Patrick Spielman , Dan Kihl
    28. Big Book Of Scroll Saw Projects and Techniques - John Nelson, Karen Longabaugh, Rick Hutcheson, Gary MacKay
    29. Scroll Saw for the first time - Dirk Boelman
    30. Fantasy & Legend Scroll Saw Puzzles - Judy Peterson, Dave Peterson
    31. Seashore and Nautical Patterns for the Scroll Saw - Hofferth Williamm.
    32. Artistic Wildlife Projects for the Scroll Saw - Marilyn Carmin
    33. Compound Christmas Ornaments for the Scroll Saw: Easy-to-Make and Fun-to-Give Projects for the Holidays - Diana Thompson
    34. The Art Of The Scroll Saw: Award Winning Designs - Patrick Spielman
    35. Scroll Saw Basketweave Projects - John Nelson, William Guimond
    36. Decorative & Ornamental Scroll Saw Patterns (Woodworking) - Patrick E. Spielman, Dirk Boelman
    37. Scroll Saw Country Patterns - Patrick Spielman; James Reidle
    38. Fun Easy Scroll Saw Projects - Patrick Spielman
    39. Victorian Scroll Saw Patterns - Patrick Spielman
    40. 3D Scroll Saw Patterns & Techniques - Henry Berns, Henry Berro
    41. Scroll Saw Fretwork Techniques and Projects - Patrick R. Spielman, James Reidle
    42. Classic Fretwork Scroll Saw Patterns - Patrick Spielman, James Reidle
    43. Inspirational Scroll Saw Projects: Ready to Use Patterns - John A. Nelson
    44. Ornamental Scroll Saw Projects - Frank Pozsgai
    45. Making Wooden Baskets on Your Scroll Saw - John A. Nelson
    46. Folk Toys: Patterns and Projects for the Scroll Saw - Ken Folk
    47. Scroll Saw by Land, Sea and Air: 46 Ready-to-cut Patterns for Trains, Ships, Planes and Cars - Vernon Brown
    48. Marine Life Patterns for the Scroll Saw - Dale Terrain
    49. Scroll Saw Mosaics: Segmentation Techniques and Patterns for 30 Brilliant Scenes - Frank Droege
    50. Scroll Saw Toys and Vehicles: A Complete Technique and Project Pattern Manual - Stan Graves
    51. Wildlife Collector Plates for the Scroll Saw: Over 60 Patterns from The Berry Basket Collection - Rick Longabaugh, Karen Longabaugh
    52. The Wood Stash Project Book: 18 Ideas & Designs - Kerry Pierce
    53. Chip Carving: Expert Techniques and 50 All-Time Favorite Projects (The Best of Woodcarving Illustrated) - Editors of Woodcarving Illustrated
    54. Scroll saw Scandinavian patterns & projects - Patrick E Spielman; Gosta Dahlqvist
    55. Popular Mechanics Workshop: Scroll Saw Fundamentals: The Complete Guide - Rick Peters
    56. The Jig Saw and Band Saw - Over 75 Band, Jig Saw Opns. Desc., Illus.
    57. The Band Saw And Jig Saw - Their Use and Appln. - Walker-Turner Corp.
    58. Building Beautiful Boxes with Your Band Saw - Lois Ventura
    59. The Ultimate Band Saw Box Book - Donna LaChance Menke
    60. Sculpted Band Saw Boxes: Design, Inspiration & Construction - Lois Ventura
    61. Woodburning Project & Pattern Treasury Create Your Own Pyrography Art with 75 Mix-and-Match Designs
    1. 2x4 Furniture - Simple, Inexpensive & Great-Looking Projects You Can Make - Stevie Henderson
    2. 500 Ideas for Small Spaces - Kimberley Seldon
    3. An Encyclopedia of Tables
    4. Arts & Crafts Furniture Anyone Can Make 14 Projects Built With Basic Tools And Simple Techniques - David Thiel
    5. Beds and Bedroom Furniture - Fine Woodworking, Taunton Press
    6. Better Homes and Gardens - Simply Organized +Smart Storage Solutions
    7. Black & Decker - Complete Guide To Wood Storage Projects - by Editors of Creative Publishing
    8. Book Shelves
    9. Bookcases and Shelves - from the editors of Woodsmith
    10. Build Your Own Custom Closet - Gillett Cole
    11. Build Your Own Entertainment Centers - by Andy Schultz
    12. Build Your Own Home Office Furniture -13 Step by step Projects- Mantesh - Danny Proulx
    13. Building Arts and Crafts Furniture 25 Authentic Projects - Paul Kemner And Peggy Zdila
    14. Building Cabinet Doors & Drawers - DANNY PROULX
    15. Building Cabinets, Bookcases & Shelves 29 Step-by-Step Projects to Beautify Your Home
    16. Building Simple Furniture - Cathy Baker
    17. Building Storage Stuff - 25 Plans & Projects to Help Put Things in Their Place - Richard Freudenberger
    18. Cabinets, Shelves & Home Storage Solutions
    19. Classic Arts & Crafts Furniture You Can Build Step-By-Step Projects For Every Room - Andy Schultz
    20. Classic Arts and Crafts Furniture 14 Timeless Designs - Robert W. Lang
    21. Complete Home Storage
    22. Country Furniture Cupboards, Cabinets, and Shelves - Nick Engler
    23. Danny Proulx's Cabinet Doors and Drawers - Danny Proulx
    24. Designing and Building Cabinets
    25. DIY Furniture A Step-by-Step Guide by Christopher Stuart
    26. Easy To make Tables and Chairs - by Sunset
    27. Furniture & Cabinetmaking - Kings Desk 75 Years of Making
    28. Furniture and Cabinet Making
    29. Furniture Design - Jim Postell
    30. Home Storage Solutions
    31. I Can Do That Woodworking Projects - David Thiel
    32. Made by Hand Furniture Projects from the Unplugged Woodshop - Tom Fidgen
    33. Making & Mastering Wood Planes - -David Finck
    34. Measured Drawings of 18th Century American Furniture - Ejner Handberg
    35. Planning, Selection and Use of Landscape Furniture and Amenities - Bill Main and Gail Greet Hannah
    36. Popular Woodworking - Complete Book of Tips, Tricks & Techniques
    37. Shelves, Closets and Cabinets - Peter Jones
    38. Simply-Built Furniture (Popular Woodworking) - -Danny Proulx
    39. Step-by-Step Cabinets & Shelves (Better Homes & Gardens Step-by-Step)
    40. Storage - Spring 2014
    41. Storage Solutions - Mantesh
    42. The Art of Woodworking - Cabinetmaking - Mantesh
    43. The Best of Danny Proulx's Storage and Shelving
    44. The Big Book of Weekend Woodworking 150 Easy Projects -by John Nelson , Joyce Nelson
    45. The Complete Illustrated Guide To Furniture & Cabinet Construction - Andy Rae
    46. The Everything Home Storage Solutions Book - Iyna Bort Caruso
    47. The Family Handyman Special Publication
    48. The New Best of FineWoodworking - Designing Furniture
    49. The Technique of Furniture Making - lan Peters
    50. Weekend Woodworking Quick Tips & Techniques
    51. Wood Pallet Projects Cool and Easy-to-Make Projects for the Home and Garden - Chris Gleason
    52. Woodworker's Guide to Bending Wood Techniques, Projects and Expert Advice for Fine Woodworking
    53. Woodworking Plans & Projects
    53. Workbench Storage Solutions
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