Brides for sale - Ana Seymour

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    Tham gia ngày: Apr 2008
    Nơi Cư Ngụ: Ha Noi
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    [TD="class: alt1, bgcolor: #F8F7F4"][​IMG] Brides for sale by Ana Seymour

    Brides for sale (by Ana Seymour)

    Prim and Improper

    Adventure! The Seattle air crackled with it, making Emily Kendall's blood race. Coming west as a mail-order bride had been the most outrageous thing she'd ever dared. Until she was faced with the deliciously shocking possibilities posed by Austin Matthews--the one man in town not shopping for a wife!

    Austin Matthews, saloon keeper and frontier businessman extraordinaire, reveled in the bold and bawdy life of the West. A life about to be upended by a seemingly prim New England miss with eyes of springtime green. For Emily Kendall had enough improper ideas to keep the West wild for the rest of their lives!

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