Buddha's Brain- The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom

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    Chapter 1. The Self-Transforming Brain
    Part One: The Causes of Suffering
    Chapter 2.The Evolution of Suffering
    Chapter 3. The First and Second Dart
    Part Two: Happiness
    Chapter 4. Taking in the Good
    Chapter 5. Cooling the Fires
    Chapter 6. Strong Intentions
    Chapter 7. Equanimity
    Part Three: Love
    Chapter 8. Two Wolves in the Heart
    Chapter 9.Compassion and Assertion
    Chapter 10. Boundless Kindness
    Part Four: Wisdom
    Chapter 11. Foundations of Mindfulness
    Chapter 12: Blissful Concentration
    Chapter 13: Relaxing the Self
    Appendix: Nutritional Neurochemistry by Jan Hanson, L.Ac.
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