Charlie Bone series - Jenny Nimmo

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    bộ chuyện này đang được đánh máy trong phòng đọc trực tuyến, bạn nào dảnh thì chuyển sang dạng prc, khi chuyển mình bị lỗi nên không chuyển được.
    Children of the Red King is a popular series of children's fantasy novels written by British author Jenny Nimmo. It is also known as the "Charlie Bone" series and, before it was extended to six books, (approaching eight) as the "Red King Quintet".

    The protagonist of the series is Charlie Bone, a twelve-year-old boy endowed with supernatural talents to converse and "visit" people contained within photographs or paintings.

    As a result of his endowment, Charlie is sent to Bloor's Academy, a weekday unordinary school for those endowed with magical, artistic, dramatic or musical talents. While he makes enemies among the owners, the Bloors, who persist in mayhem and havoc as they attempt to bring every endowed person under their control, he also makes a significant number of friends who assist in his attempts to preserve the good.

    The series follows Charlie as he aids those who have been persecuted by the Bloors, and searches for clues to his father's disappearance many years ago.

    Jenny Nimmo originally intended to write only the first five novels, and the primary storyline is resolved in those five, but later decided to also write a trilogy focusing more on the evil children. Charlie Bone is the protagonist of the first five, but will take less of a prominent position in the later three.[1] It was later revealed when Charlie Bone and the Wilderness Wolf came out Charlie is still the main character.

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    Charlie Bone - Jenny Nimmo

    Haha, cuối cùng thì cũng mò dc cái file này. [​IMG]Cuốn này kể về những đứa trẻ có phép thuật- những hậu duệ của vua Đỏ- chống lại những thế lực xấu xa và bảo vệ người tốt. Không phải vung vẩy đũa thần kiểu Harry Potter, mỗi đứa trẻ có 1 năng lực riêng( gọi bão, di chuyển đồ vật, nghe được tiếng nói của những người trong ảnh...). Cuốn này có bản tiếng Việt,của nxb Trẻ phát hành. 1 gợi ý hay cho những ai khoái sách về pháp thuật

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    "Charlie down't want to believe it. He can hear people in photographs talking. What's happening to him? Why now? Since his father died, Charlie Bone has lived with his mother and her mother, in the house of his other grandmother, Grandma Bone. Whilst looking at a picture of a couple with a baby and a cat, he suddenly discovers an extraordinary magical talent -- he can hear their voices. Although he tries to hide his new gift, Grandma Bone's scary sisters soon find out, and determine to send him to Bloor's Academy. Mr Onimous appears, and tell Charlie he must find the baby from the photograph, lost inside Bloor's. The mystery deepens when Charlie tries to return the picture to its rightful owner, a bookseller who gives him a heavy box, saying only that it was once swapped for a child. Charlie quickly finds life at Bloor's pretty tough, with its strict rules and the malevolent head boy, Manfred, set against him. He meets someone else with a gift, Gabriel Silk, who can pick up people's feeling from their clothes. Charlie asks about his father's tie, and Gabriel surprises him by saying his father is lost, not dead. Mr Onimous' cats have been involved in a mysterious fire at the school, and more frightening than that, Manfred's sinister gift is to be able to hypnotise people. Exploring at the weekend with new friends Olivia and Billy, Charlie overhears a conversation between Dr Bloor and Manfred. They discover the cats are eight hundred years old, and that Bloor and Manfred are keeping a girl under hypnosis. Charlie realises the girl from the photograph must be Emilia Moon and manages to awaken her using the box. The hypnotism cannot be proved to the authorities and the children will have to return next term, once more under the power of Dr Bloor."

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    "January 1916. On the coldest night in memory, Henry Yewbeam's cousin Zeke tricks him into using the Time Twister, a beautiful marble full of shining colours that draws him into the future. And so the adventures begin... January 2002. A month after the excitement of Christmas, on another cold night, Charlie meets Henry reappearing at Bloor's in the twenty-first century, and realises Henry's cousin is none other than old Ezekiel Bloor. He hides Henry from Ezekiel's spies, Billy Raven and Blessed the dog, while he and Fidelio work out how they can help Henry. Using the freezer to create the right temperature doesn't work, but it does bring Cook and the Flames into the secret. Of the other endowed children, Emma is distant, Lysander and Tancred have fallen out, and then Gabriel tries on a mysterious black glove. Charlie's horrible Yewbeam aunts are trying to make him enter a picture of Skarpo, the magician, while his Uncle Paton has found he can avoid exploding light bulbs if he reads as he walks. The friends meet up at the Pets' Cafe, run by Mr and Mrs Onimous, and the town's dogs chase Asa when he tries to slink in as a werewolf."

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    "In the ruins of the castle of the Red King, Charlie and Tancred discover a tree-girl who whispers secrets to them and asks for their help in restoring her to a real girl. When Charlie returns to help her, he finds that the tree has been destroyed.

    Meanwhile, the Yewbeam sisters are trying to marry Amy Bone, Charlie begins to hear portraits speaking, and a new music teacher has arrived at Bloor's Academy. Emma discovers that the invisible boy living upstairs in the attic is her older brother, and when Manfred finds out their plans, he threatens to lock up Emma."

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    "Back in Bloor's Academy, Charlie's power takes on a new dimension. He meets a new gallery of characters, including Mr. Pilgrim's replacement, Tantalus Ebony, and the mysterious new student Joshua Tilpin, who appears to be magnetic. But not all is well. Billy has been adopted by the O'Gres, a child-hating couple, who carry with them a gray bag of oaths wherever they go, seducing Billy to sign an oath of obedience, before locking him up behind a force field in an odd place called The Passing House"
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