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    The Mercenary
    (The first book in the T-FLAC series)
    Cherry Adair

    Victoria Jones was a lousy liar. Not that the sensible bookkeeper was accustomed to lying--or anything else that would have disrupted her safe, dull existence. But her world took a terrifying turn when her twin brother, Alex, an agent for T-FLAC, the elite antiterrorist task force, went missing.

    Now she'll do anything to find him…lie, cheat, even subject herself to the predatory advances of Alex's T-FLAC partner, Marc Savin, if it will help get her brother home safe.

    But trusting the sexy, brooding operative might just be the risk of a lifetime.

    The Mercenary is back, and better than ever!

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    Take Me
    by Cherry Adair

    "Enjoyable contemporary romance"

    "Joshua Falcon proposes to the first decent woman he sets his eye on, Jessie Adams, a diner waitress. If he doesn't marry he will forfeit his company as instructed by his father. So he marries Jessie and completely forgets about her for the following seven years, paying only for her monthly allowance and expenses.

    Jessie Adams dreams to graduate from college, have a career and do something big for her life. However her finances are limited and when Joshua presents her with a marriage bargain, she snaps it up. She hasn't however anticipated that Joshua will be an absentee husband and has no plans to know her, even finding out her real name.

    After 7 years of separation, a much-changed Jessie returns back to Joshua without revealing her identity as his wife. She has become a successful interior designer and financially independent. However she yearns for a baby as her biological clock is ticking away. With the help of Joshua's father and lawyer, she sets up a seduction on Joshua with hopes in getting pregnant.

    Joshua is intrigued and intensely attracted to Jessie the first time he sets his eye on her. She is completely different from the women he has dated before. With other women, he doesn't work hard to get what he wants but with Jessie he learns to enjoy the intimacy of a relationship, either in or out of the bed. Consequently it hasn't taken him long to fall in love with her. He then decides to track down his estranged wife and divorce her so he can marry Jessie.

    However he does not know that both women are one and the same. Now Jessie has been caught up with her own lies that she fears she would lose Joshua. "


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