Collins Vocabulary for IELTS 2012

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    Mình tìm trên mạng thấy cuốn sách luyện từ vựng thi IELTS của collins khá hay, muốn chia sẻ với các bạn.
    Anneli Williams, "Vocabulary for IELTS (with Audio CD)"
    2012 | ISBN-10: 0007456824 | PDF, MP3 | 128 pages, CD | 45,8 MB​

    Increase your knowledge of vocabulary with Collins Vocabulary for IELTS and get the score you need. IELTS is the world's leading test of English for higher education and migration and is recognised by 6000 institutions in over 135 countries. Collins Vocabulary for IELTS is a self-study book for learners of English who plan to take the Academic module of the IELTS test. This book is an ideal tool for learners studying at CEF level B1 or above or with a band score 5-5.5 who are aiming for a band score of 6 or higher. Key IELTS vocabulary and its usage are presented using Collins COBUILD dictionary definitions and example sentences from the Collins corpus. Learn and remember the vocabulary through the practice exercises, and read the practical exam strategies and tips to improve your IELTS score. You can familiarise yourself with the test questions by doing the Practice exam section at the end of each unit and then evaluate your progress in the revision units. The Audio CD provides valuable Listening and Speaking practice to help you prepare for the test.
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