Critical Thinking - Moore/Parker

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    Imagine a class where students are actively and personally engaged in thinking critically while also discovering how to apply those thinking skills in everyday life. Now imagine those same students confidently participating in class, working efficiently through the exercises outside class, and performing better in the course.
    With Connect Critical Thinking, students can achieve this success. Connect Critical Thinking is a first: a learning program with pedagogical tools that are anchored in research on critical thinking.
    Along with Moore & Parker’s engaging writing style and the wealth of topical exercises and examples that are relevant to students’ lives, Connect Critical Thinking helps ensure that students can come to class confident and prepared. What other course provides students with skills they can apply so broadly to success in school and success in life?

    Chapter 1 What Is Critical Thinking, Anyway?
    Chapter 2 Two Kinds of Reasoning
    Chapter 3 Clear Thinking, Critical Thinking, and Clear Writing
    Chapter 4 Credibility
    Chapter 5 Persuasion Through Rhetoric: Common Devices and Techniques
    Chapter 6 More Rhetorical Devices: Psychological and Related Fallacies
    Chapter 7 More Fallacies
    Chapter 8 Deductive Arguments I: Categorical Logic
    Chapter 9 Deductive Arguments II: Truth-Functional Logic
    Chapter 10 Thinking Critically About Inductive Reasoning
    Chapter 11 Causal Explanation
    Chapter 12 Moral, Legal, and Aesthetic Reasoning

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