Detective Dreams to Die For - Alan G. Boyes

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    The murder of Yasmin Hassan’s parents leads her to plot revenge upon Dean Assiter, US Secretary of State.
    Detective Superintendent Bill Ritson of the UK Anti-Terrorist Unit struggles to obtain the intelligence he so desperately needs to thwart Yasmin’s mission.
    For Cindy Crossland, the comfort of a stranger on a wrecked tube train results in a passionate affair, divorce from her husband, and a new life on the shores of Loch Quoich.
    Alan, a city banker, slowly realises he has unwittingly channelled the funds to finance the plot, and that his ex-wife has information which could send him to prison.
    Dreams to Die For is a truly exciting novel in which the various plots and characters are weaved and intertwined into an action-packed story line. The action moves across countries and culminates in a spell-binding climax in the Scottish Highlands, with tragic and unexpected consequences, making it a compelling read for anyone who enjoys crime novels, espionage and spy thrillers.

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