Environmental Impacts of GM Crop (CABI Publishing)

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    [HR][/HR]Another CABI book published in 2009. Offers some (one-sided?!) background information to consider the GM controversy. Those who wish to read the Bt cotton in Viet Nam book should take a look at this book.

    This book seeks to present a balanced view on the environmental impact
    of GM crops. The first part, ‘Genetically Modified Crops: Three Chapters, Three
    Views’, sets the scene. Chapter 1 addresses the role of biotechnology in sustainable
    agriculture, describing the ‘state-of-the-art’ technology used to produce such
    crops. It also discusses the status of first-generation GM crops and current advances
    being made in molecular farming (use of plants to produce value-added molecules)
    concluding with the role that politics plays in delivering, or not, this
    technology. The theme of GM crops and sustainability is further developed in
    Chapter 2, which focuses on the benefits of the technology to meet demand
    in the face of an ever-increasing global population and current constraints on
    agricultural production, including societal demands for reduced pesticide usage.
    The final chapter in this part, Chapter 3, examines the need to increase and make
    food production more rational, to conserve natural resources and to reduce food
    (crop) losses to pests. Further, it addresses the possibility, and benefits, of converting
    annual grains into perennial grains. In addition to its benefits, the chapter critically
    evaluates perceived risks of the technology and its failure to prevent the continued decline in production and availability of world cereal grains. Finally, it considers the impact of attitudes and practices on food biodiversity.

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