Harlequin Blaze (5/2011)

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    Breathless Descent - Lisa Renee Jones
    Ten years ago, an impulsive eighteen-year-old Shay White kissed Caleb Martin--her brother's best friend. The resulting chemistry was hot enough to send Caleb running. Now he's back ... an ex-special forces operative getting his skydiving business off the ground. But Shay figures that all that sexual tension was a "forbidden fruit" sort of thing. A simple kiss should put that fantasy to rest, right?

    Wrong. Instead, Shay and Caleb find themselves caught in a web of need and decide to finally do something about it ... in the most exquisitely carnal way possible. Now Shay and Caleb are tumbling into a lust-fueled freefall--are they headed for a safe landing or the kind of crash that will change their lives forever?

    Delicious Do-Over - Debbi Rawlins

    On the cusp of a new business venture, überpractical accountant Lindsey Shaw has reluctantly let her friends talk her into a "second spring break" in Hawaii. Now she's in Waikiki ... and even reuniting with her wickedly hot one-night fling from years ago! Only Lindsey is feeling a tingle of fear--or is that sweet, sweet anticipation?

    Rick Granger has his own fear--that gorgeous, smart Lindsey might discover more about him than he's ready to reveal. She thinks he's just a surfer dude--fine with him, it keeps things uncomplicated. Only, complications whip up like waves once Lindsey dips a toe in his waters ....

    High Stakes Seduction - Lori Wilde

    Subject: Navy Security Specialist Adam Mancuso.
    Current Status: On assignment--surveillance of one delectable female subject.
    Mission: Watch. Protect. Do not get physical.
    Obstacle: The temptation to get very physical ...

    Navy Security Specialist Adam Mancuso is staking out the luscious Eva St. George and his control is slipping by the minute. How does a guy stay professional when the subject of his late-night surveillance has a tendency to get her yoga on--in the buff?

    Eva's had a run of bad luck in the dating department. And she knows she should hold out against the Many Temptations of Adam ... but she can't. Besides, when the stakes are this high, the only thing to do is play with everything you've got--and never mind the rules!

    Just for the Night - Tawny Weber

    Power outages happen, and you have to be somewhere--like in an empty store--with your ex. Who is still irresistible. And hot. And who knows how to make the most out of a dark situation ...

    Checklist for: Larissa Zahn

    First aid kit (With condoms. Be prepared. Very, very prepared.)
    Someone you're still overwhelmingly into (Jason Cantrell, I'm looking at you.)
    Plenty of time in the dark (Read: hot nookie. Lots of it.)

    The ability to walk away without regrets in the morning ... (Uh-oh!)

    Just Surrender - Kathleen O'Reilly

    Straitlaced surgeon Tyler Hart hops into a cab at JFK ... and goes on the ride of his life. Punky, funky, fly-by-night cabbie Edie Higgins takes him on an all-night New York City adventure involving a flat tire, a strip club and diner food. Oh, and a mind-blowing early-morning romp in a notoriously naughty hotel.

    So when Edie offers to become newly single Tyler's love sensei, he thinks, why not? Especially since she's a very hands-on teacher.

    They couldn't be more different, but they're about to learn the same lesson: to just surrender. Everything.

    Truth and Dare - Candace Havens

    Forensic anthropologist Patience McGee doesn't play games. So when she offers to investigate the death of businessman Cade Randall's father from twenty years ago, Cade's ambivalence is nothing short of frustrating. Well, she'll show this mouthwateringly hot man exactly who he's dealing with ....

    Cade had made up his mind to walk away from the case--until Patience dared him to help her investigate the murder. And as they immerse themselves in the mystery, it isn't long before the vibe between them goes from civil to sizzle. But what will happen when Cade and Patience realize that the most dangerous dare of all ... is the truth?

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