Historical dictionary of the Indochina War - Christopher E. Goscha

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    Historical dictionary of the Indochina War (1945 - 1954)
    An international and interdisciplinary approach


    This first historical dictionary in English of the Indochina War provides the most comprehensive account to date of one of the most important conflicts of the twentieth century. Over 1,600 entries offer in-depth, expert coverage of the war in all its dimensions.

    Christopher E. Goscha adopts a path-breaking dual international and interdisciplinary approach. Thus readers will not only find information on politics and military campaigns ; they will also discover the remarkable impact this war had on intellectual, social, cultural, economic, and artistic domains in France, Indochina, and elsewhere. Indeed, rather than limiting the dictionary to the French and their Vietnamese adversaries, Goscha explores the internationalization of this conflict from its beginning in September 1945 at Ba-dinh square in Hanoi to its end around the Cold War conference table in Geneva in July 1954, also making it clear that a myriad of non-communist Vietnamese, Laos, and Cambodian nationalists were deeply involved in this war and its outcome.

    In addition to its 1,600 entries, the dictionary contains a succinct historical introduction, selected bibliography, maps, illustrations, and tables. A massive work of outstanding scholarly quality and lasting value, this is a reference tool that will be invaluable for researchers, students, and anyone else hoping to understand the complexity of this tragic conflict.


    CHOICE (49:11, August 2012) : "[This] very useful, high-quality publication is a valuable acquisition for all libraries with reference collections in modern Asian history... Highly recommended".

    David G. Marr, Australian National University : "This is the first dictionary about Vietnam in any language to mine French and Vietnamese sources in equal measure. It ranges beyond Vietnamese and French participants to provide equally incisive entries on British, Chinese, Laotian, Cambodian, American, and Soviet actors in a war that took on important international dimensions. The prodigious amount of research that Goscha has put into this dictionary makes it a milestone in the field, a reference work that will be consulted for decades".

    Fredrik Logevall, Cornell University : "A magnificent achievement. No one has ever before attempted this kind of comprehensive reference work on the First Indochina War ; Christopher Goscha not only attempts it but succeeds marvelously. More than a dictionary, this volume is a major addition to the literature, an essential resource for all students of the struggle, produced by a leading historian working at the top of his powers".

    Mark Lawrence, University of Texas at Austin : "This is an indispensable resource for students and scholars of an understudied and immensely complex war while also providing a superb model for anyone setting out to write a reference book on historical events".

    P. Brush, Vanderbilt University, CHOICE (Vol 49:No 11, August 2012) : "This is very useful, high-quality publication is a valuable acquisition for all libraries with reference collections in modern Asian history. Summing up : Highly recommended".

    David Chandler, Monash University, Pacific Affairs (Vol 86:2, June 2013) : "It should be clear from what I've written that anyone interested in the First Indochina War, or the Second for that matter, will need to consult this definitive, beautifully organized 'chef d'oeuvre'... Anyone writing about this period will probably need to consult it on a daily basis".


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