Hitler And Nazism by Louis L. Snyder

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    Hitler And Nazism by Dick Geary

    Tiêu đề: Hitler and Nazism
    Tác giả: Dick Geary
    NXB: Routledge
    Giới thiệu:
    Lancaster Pamphlets offer concise and up-to-date accounts of major
    historical topics, primarily for the help of students preparing for Advanced
    Level examinations, though they should also be of value to those pursuing
    introductory courses in universities and other institutions of higher
    education. Without being all-embracing, their aims are to bring some of
    the central themes or problems confronting students and teachers into
    sharper focus than the textbook writer can hope to do; to provide the
    reader with some of the results of recent research which the textbook may
    not embody; and to stimulate thought about the whole interpretation of
    the topic under discussion.

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