How to Get Rich - Relix Dennis

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    How to Get Rich
    From Publishers Weekly
    This is not your usual get-rich-quick manual. Though Dennis, a poet (When Jack Sued Jill: Nursery Rhymes for Modern Times) and the founder of a publishing empire (including Maxim magazine), wants to help the reader rank at least among the lesser rich (equal to a net worth of $30 million–$80 million by his definition), he isn't himself motivated by money. With his own fortune estimated at between $400 million and $900 million, he doesn't have to be. Instead, Dennis wants to demystify the money-getting process, and his straight-talking, honest advice makes a refreshing change in this oversaturated field. Using humorous examples from his own business life, Dennis's advice, from The Five Most Common Start-Up Errors to The Power of Focus, might sound like conventional fare, but delivered in his signature bawdy, British style, it's altogether more entertaining—and more practical. Dennis highlights the right strategies and mindset to get readers their millions, but he won't air-brush his story or soften the bitter truth along the way. As he says, when it comes to acquiring wealth, being a bit of a shit helps.

    Một cuốn sách cực hay xét về cả khía cạnh thực tế lẫn sâu sắc nhưng nếu bạn muốn hỏi tôi tại sao nên đọc cuốn này thì ngoài việc nó nằm trong list 50 cuốn sách nổi tiếng nhất về tài sản, tôi xin trích dẫn câu nói của tác giả: "Tôi ko viết để bán sách mà tôi viết vì tôi có thời gian và tôi thích thú với việc viết sách". Có thể nói cuốn sách này rất thực tế và rất cần với mọi người muốn thành công từ con đường doanh nghiệp.


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