Detective I Am Pilgrim - Terry Hayes

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    Một tác phẩm thriller rất hấp dẫn, đúng như lời giới thiệu: Unputdowntable (Không thể bỏ sách xuống)!

    Critics are calling I AM PILGRIM, the New York Times bestseller:
    "Unputdownable." —Booklist
    "The best book of 2014." —Suspense Magazine
    "The next Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." —The New York Post
    "I Am Pilgrim is simply one of the best suspense novels I've read in a long time.” (David Baldacci #1 New York Times bestselling author)

    A breakneck race against time…and an implacable enemy.
    An anonymous young woman murdered in a run-down hotel, all identifying characteristics dissolved by acid.
    A father publicly beheaded in the blistering heat of a Saudi Arabian public square.
    A notorious Syrian biotech expert found eyeless in a Damascus junkyard.
    Smoldering human remains on a remote mountainside in Afghanistan.
    A flawless plot to commit an appalling crime against humanity.
    One path links them all, and only one man can make the journey.

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