Short Stories Jeffrey Archer Presents: New Wife - Mark Trainer

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    "This is a moving story, well told and beautifully written."
    --Jeffrey Archer

    In celebration of Jeffrey Archer's latest short story collection,And Thereby Hangs a Tale, St. Martin's Press sponsored the "Jeffrey Archer Presents" Short Story Competition. #1New York Timesbestselling author and master of the short story Jeffrey Archer is known for the precise wit and timely revelations in his tales, and now with this short story competition he has had the opportunity to recognize those same outstanding gifts in winner Mark Trainer's New Wife.

    What if you woke up with a lifetime of memories but were unable to recognize the wife you shared so many of them with? That's exactly what happens to Danny when his wife Eve comes down the steps one morning. Her hair, her mouth, her hands--everything--it's all wrong. He's certain it's just not her. But then why is Danny the only one who doesn't recognize this "new wife?"

    Confused and more afraid...

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