Lost Histories: Exploring the World's Most Famous Mysteries

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    Joel Levy; “Lost Histories: Exploring the World's Most Famous Mysteries"
    Vision | 2007 | 288 pages | PDF

    In this cross-continental, time-traveling romp through history and mythology, readers can join the hunt for missing cities, treasures, people, and wrecks, all of which have vanished leaving only the faintest traces to show that they ever existed. Proving that real mysteries can be found outside of movies and best-seller lists, the quests in this book are among the most famous: the sunken Atlantis, the never-found Amelia Earhart, the lost treasure of Captain Kidd, and that holy grail of all treasure hunters, the Holy Grail. The author sets out to bust the myths and debunk crazy theories as he tells the stories of the tomb raiders, quacks, and glory seekers of the past and presents the most up-to-date thoughts surrounding each of the mysteries investigated.

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    A good thing to train reading skill.
    Thank you very much.

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