Lucky Man: A Memoir - Michael J. Fox

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    [TD="class: alt1, bgcolor: #F8F7F4"][​IMG] Lucky Man: A Memoir - Michael J. Fox
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    [TD="class: alt2, bgcolor: #F4F2ED"]A Wake-up Call
    Gainesville, Florida-November 1990
    I woke up to find the message in my left hand. It had

    me trembling. It wasn't a fax, telegram, memo, or the

    usual sort of missive bringing disturbing news. In

    fact, my hand felt nothing at all. The trembling was

    the message.[/TD]

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    [TD="class: alt2, bgcolor: #F4F2ED"]In his number one New York Times bestseller, Lucky

    Man, Michael J. Fox recounts his life, from childhood

    in western Canada to his meteoric rise in film and

    television that made him a worldwide celebrity. Most

    important, however, he writes of the last ten years,

    during which he has dealt with Parkinson's disease.[/TD]

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    [TD="class: alt2, bgcolor: #F4F2ED"]"Fox writes, always with humor but also with

    insight..." - Los Angeles Times

    "Wry and glib in the way Fox himself is, the book

    largle succeeds as a sincere personal inquiry." -

    Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    "A lucid and intelligent book, full of ironic humor and

    unquenchable optimism." - Chicago Sun-Times

    "Through it all, Fox mantains his sly sense of humor."

    - Entertainment Weekly

    "Smart, funny and ghostwriter-free... An engaginly

    told story." - New York Times

    "Most celebrity memoirs bristle with braggadocio,

    but Fox lays bare his soul with a humility and honestly

    uncharacteristic of this genre." - Charlotte Observer

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    [TD="class: alt2, bgcolor: #F4F2ED"]Starting into any celebrity memoir is always a little harrowing. Will Star X check their ego at the door?
    Will the sugarcoating be too much to bear?
    Who is going to be the target of the revenge-inspired smear campaign?That's why Lucky Man is so refreshing. Michael J. Fox has told the story of his life and, more importantly, of his struggle with Parkinson's Disease. LUCKY MAN, though, is no sob story. Fox sees his diagnosis with PD as an opportunity to help.
    "The ten years since my diagnosis have been the best ten years of my life, and I consider myself a lucky man." this quote sums up the feel of the whole book. Warm, funny and painfully honest, Fox lets us into his life both before and after PD. We learn about his family, his drinking problem and life in Hollywood, but not in the lurid way that some stars tell it. His writing is down to earth and real.
    Michael J. Fox has crafted an inspirational and important book without relying on cookie-cutter tear-jerking cliche or obvious pity ploys. LUCKY MAN is the best memoir I've read in a long time.[/TD]


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