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    This is a step-by-step, powerful process that will change your working life for the better. Here is just a small sample of some of the important targeted lessons included in this master class:

    Where does the time fly?
    The Big Picture: How to know what you really want in life
    How to set life goals
    How to make time for your real priorities
    How to manage your email
    The insider secrets of planning and scheduling
    Powerful ways to cut the clutter
    Ways to beat the blues
    Trusted telephone techniques
    How to deal with people who interrupt your day
    Ways to use the “No” word to your advantage
    The best ways to delegate
    How to define tasks in ways that will get things done
    Understanding your energy cycles
    Effective ways to leverage technology
    The power of money to leverage your path to success
    How to win with other people's time and energy - to your mutual benefit
    How delays can work to your advantage
    How to set realistic life goals
    and much, much more!

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