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    International superstar, Ricky Martin, who has sold more than 60 million albums worldwide, opens up for the first time about memories of his early childhood, experiences in the famed boy band Menudo, struggles with his identity during the Livin' la Vida Loca phenomenon, reflections on coming to terms with his sexuality, relationships that allowed him to embrace love, and life-changing decisions like devoting himself to helping children around the world and becoming a father. Me is an intimate memoir about the very liberating and spiritual journey of one of the most iconic pop-stars of our time.

    In the process of revealing the human being behind the artist, Ricky Martin offers us a testimony of exemplary honesty and greatness of soul. While I was reading, I remembered a verse from the Persian poet Hafez, 'Not even seven thousand years of joy can justify seven years of repression.' Paulo Coelho Ricky Martin has written an extraordinary memoir, the story of a tortured soul who healedhimself by returning to the state of innocence and authenticity. His story will speak to you,because it is, in a sense, the story of humanityoof the sacred and the profane, of forbidden lust and unconditional love. It takes courage to be so ruthlessly honest and transparent, but it is only this kind of courage and this kind of love that can heal the world.


    Cuốn hồi ký của Ricky Martin này có lẽ rất hay ( "có lẽ" vì tớ cũng chưa được đọc cuốn này ) , Oraph Winfrey cũng làm hẳn một chuơng trình phỏng vấn Ricky Martin xoay quanh cuốn tiểu thuyết của anh. Trên trang web của chương trình Oraph show có bài viết vể Ricky Martin dài 12 trang.

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