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  1. Song Ngư

    Song Ngư Sinh viên năm I

    ountain of Age by Nancy Kress
    Category: Science Fiction
    Words: 21363 Reading time: 61-85 min.

    Description: Nancy Kress is currently working on an SF novel set off-Earth, with aliens and spaceships. She tells us, though, that the following story "is a closer-to-home attempt to get in touch with my inner criminal."

    Kiosk by Bruce Sterling
    Category: Science Fiction
    Words: 16740 Reading time: 47-66 min.
    Last download:

    Description: Bruce Sterling reports that in 2005 he received an honorary doctorate from Art Center College of Design in California. He also teaches sometimes at the European Graduate School in Switzerland. So nowadays, he says, "I'm 'Professor-Doktor Sterling,' b.

    Safeguard by Nancy Kress
    Category: Science Fiction
    Words: 10125 Reading time: 28-40 min.

    Description: Four innocent children may hold the key to our survival, or total annihilation, in this powerful and riveting new tale.

    Pride by Mary A. Turzillo
    Category: Science Fiction
    Words: 6443 Reading time: 18-25 min.

    Description: A mysterious animal snatched from a secret cloning research lab is not a cute ball of fur, and not of this era

    The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate by Ted Chiang
    Category: Fantasy
    Words: 10607 Reading time: 30-42 min.

    Description: Ted Chiang is the author of such stories as "Division by Zero," "Hell Is the Absence of God," and "Tower of Babylon"; his short fiction has been collected in Stories of Your Life and Others. His new story--which is available from Subterranean Press i...[​IMG]

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