[Mỹ thuật-Watercolor] Ashley Jackson – The Yorkshire Artist

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    'Ashley Jackson – The Yorkshire Artist' contains a collection of paintings that have been personally chosen by the artist to bring together his personal memories and intimate reflections of the emotions and atmosphere that he has captured in each watercolor painting. As he explains, 'All artists paint what inspires them, what allows them to capture what they see with their eyes with their hands and heart. We all have differing inspirations, mediums and connections with our subject – mine is the Yorkshire Moors.' From the open moorland of Marsden Moor to the inhabited landscape of Whitby, this book brims with what Ashley does best; capturing the atmospheric skies and drama of the landscape. As Ashley explains, 'I have strived throughout my life to witness and portray every mood swing of nature as she takes a stand against all that the elements throw at her, whether that be rain, wind, snow or fire.' You will truly find Ashley Jackson and his 'Yorkshire Mistress', as he calls the Yorkshire landscape, laid bare in these stunning paintings.

    'Ashley Jackson – The Yorkshire Artist'
    Publisher: Pen and Sword Local
    Published: Oct 2017
    Languages: English
    PDF, 14.38M
    Link: Vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem link
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