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    [HR][/HR]"Nanotechnology. Assessment and Perspectives" tackles the subject of Nanotechnology in a new and unique way. Accounting for the fact that the differences between classical academic disciplines disappear at the nanoscale, a truly interdisciplinary approach is chosen. Authors from areas like chemistry, physics, biology and toxicology as well as from economics, philosophy and the industrial sector treat the matter in a unified manner, not only giving isolated statements within their own realm, but also linking them to the other experts’ contributions. A new definition of Nanotechnology by the authors is used as an anchor for the various sections of the book. This leads to an integrated text reflecting the multidimensional challenges occurring around Nanotechnology. The most important results of the study are transferred into acting recommendations concerning scientific progress, industrial relevance, economic potential, educational needs, potential adverse health effects and philosophical aspects of Nanotechnology. The book is addressing decision makers in relevant sectors of society like politics, research and industry. It will also be of high value to media representatives, academic staff and students willing to look beyond the borders of their very subjects as well as to the interested public.

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