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    Những quyển sách hiếm về Piano - Rare Piano Books có 3 phần độc lập, định dạng PDF, là một bộ sưu tập giá trị của Phân khoa Âm nhạc trường Đại học Torronto, Canada vừa chia sẻ được nay chia sẻ lại.

    Directory: Rare Piano Books - Part 1 Vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem link

    A Handbook Of Piano Playing (By Eric Hope) (1962).pdf 5 Mb
    A New Approach To Piano Technique (By Ruth A. Dickerson) (1962).pdf 4 Mb
    A Pedal Method For The Piano (By Albert F Venino) (1893).pdf 15 Mb
    Descriptive Analyses Of Piano Works - For The Use Of Teachers, Players, And Music Clubs (By Edward Baxter Perry) (1902).pdf 21 Mb
    Double Scales - Systematically Fingered. A Supplement To All Existing Pianoforte School (Franklin Taylor).pdf 11 Mb
    Gordon's Enlarged And Improved Edition Of Hunten's Celebrated Piano Forte School (By Franz Hünten) (1867).pdf 29 Mb
    Great Composers And Their Work (By Louis Charles Elson) (1898).pdf 14 Mb
    Great Pianists On Piano Playing - Study Talks With Foremost Virtuosos (By James Francis Cooke) (1917).pdf 31 Mb
    How To Play The Piano (By Mark Hambourg) (1922).pdf 13 Mb
    How To Practise On The Piano - Reflections And Suggestions (By Heinrich Ehrlich) (1901).pdf 8 Mb
    Introduction To The Interpretation Of The Beethoven Piano Works (By Adolf Bernhard Marx) (1895).pdf 24 Mb
    Keyboard Harmony And Transposition - A Practical Course Of Keyboard Work For Every Piano And Organ Student (By Anna Hamilton) (1916).pdf 7 Mb
    Letters To A Young Lady, On The Art Of Playing The Pianoforte (By Carl Czerny) (1840).pdf 23 Mb
    Modern Piano-Teaching (By William Townsend) (1911).pdf 27 Mb
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    Directory: Rare Piano Books - Part 2 Vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem link

    New Approach To Piano Transcriptions And Interpretation Of Johann Sebastian Bach's Music (By Arthur Briskier).pdf 2 MB
    Nineteenth Century Piano Music A Handbook For Pianists (By Kathleen Dale) (1954).pdf 20.8 MB
    Passion For The Piano By Judith Oringer) (1983).pdf 45.4 MB
    Pedalling In Pianoforte Music (By Algernon H Lindo) (1922).pdf 12.7 MB
    Piano Guided Sight-Reading (By Leonhard Deutsch) (1950).pdf 5.4 MB
    Piano Mastery - Talks With Master Pianists And Teachers-Second Series (By Harriette Brower) (1917).pdf 41.1 MB
    Piano Method - A Complete Course Of Instruction For The Piano-Forte (By Karl Merz) (1885).pdf 40.7 MB
    Piano Playing - With Piano Questions Answered (By Josef Hofmann) (1920).pdf 32.8 MB
    Pianoforte Music - Its History, With Biographical Sketches And Critical Estimates Of Its Greatest Masters By John Comfort Fillmore) (1883).pdf 25.2 MB
    Practising The Piano (By Frank Marrick) (1958).pdf 6.8 MB
    Scales And Arpeggios For The Pianoforte (By Franklin Taylor).pdf 24.2 MB
    Stories Of Standard Teaching Pieces (By Edward Baxter Perry) (1910).pdf 22.4 MB
    The Act Of Touch In All Its Diversity An Analysis And Synthesis Of Pianoforte Tone Production (By Tobias Matthay) (1903).pdf 28.7 MB
    The Art Of Pianoforte Playing (By Ernst Pauer) (1877).pdf 10.8 MB
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    Rare Piano Books - Part 3 Vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem link

    The Art Of The Player-Piano - A Text-Book For Student And Teacher (By Sydney Grew) (1922).pdf 43 Mb
    The Artist At The Piano (George Woodhouse) (1910).pdf 10 Mb
    The Elements Of Piano Technique (By Ernest Hutcheson) (1907).pdf 8 Mb
    The First Principles Of Pianoforte Playing (By Tobias Matthay) (1905).pdf 21 Mb
    The Great Composers (By Hezekiah Butterworth) (1884).pdf 39 Mb
    The Interpretation Of Piano Music (By Mary Venable) (1913).pdf 31 Mb
    The Musician, A Guide For Pianoforte Students. Helps Towards The Better Understanding And Enjoyment Of Beautiful Music, In Six Grades. Grade 6 (By Thomas Ridley Prentice) (1886).pdf 8 Mb
    The Physical Basis Of Piano Touch And Tone (By Ortmann Otto) (1925).pdf 10 Mb
    The Pianoforte And Its Music (By Henry Edward Krehbiel) (1911).pdf 44 Mb
    The Principles Of Expression In Pianoforte Playing (By Adolph Friedrich Christiani) (1885).pdf 45 Mb
    The Visible And Invisible In Pianoforte Technique (By Tobias Matthay) (1947).pdf 12 Mb
    Torrent downloaded from Demonoid.com.txt 0 Mb
    University Musical Encyclopedia The Theory Of Music And Piano Technique (By E. Markham) (1912).pdf 14 Mb
    Ward-Jackson's Gymnastics For The Fingers And Wrist - A System Of Gymnastics based On Anatomical Principles (By Edwin Ward-Jackson).pdf 12 Mb
    Well-Known Piano Solos - How To Play Them (By Charles W Wilkinson) (1915).pdf 30 Mb

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