Night Rounds, Out of the Dark - Patrick Modiano (2014 Nobel prize in literature)

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    Thêm 2 tác phẩm nữa của Patrick Modiano (Nobel Văn Chương 2014) (bản dịch tiếng Anh) đây các bạn. Mình để nguyên file gốc (pdf), không chuyển sang mobi, vì đã thử và thấy có quá nhiều lỗi chính tả do chất lượng scan của file gốc.

    1) Night Rounds (Nguyên tác tiếng Pháp La Ronde de nuit (1969))
    The novel takes place after the occupation when Paris is in the hands of "the rats that take over a city after the plague has wiped out most of the population." What's left, or so it appears here, is a marginal world of demimondaines, derelicts, shams, and ruthless arrivistes. The narrator is an informer, a traitor with "not enough backbone for a hero." Kirkus Reviews called the book "altogether special -- particularly in view of some writing you might call rococo pop ('great telluric waves . . . incantatory paneurhythmics') [and] the author's feeling for the city of light in the dark with its 'whiff of rot in the air.' One is caught in the haze -- spectral, sad, solitary."

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    2) Out of the Dark (Nguyên tác tiếng Pháp Du plus loin de l'oubli (1995))
    The novel is a moody, expertly rendered tale of a love affair between two drifters. The narrator, writing in 1995, looks back thirty years to a time when, having abandoned his studies and selling off old art books to get by, he comes to know Gérard Van Bever and Jacqueline, a young, enigmatic couple who seem to live off roulette winnings. He falls in love with Jacqueline; they run off to England together, where they share a few sad, aimless months, until one day she disappears. Fifteen years later, in Paris, they meet again, a reunion that only recalls the haunting inaccessibility of the past: they spend a few hours together, and the next day, Jacqueline, now married, disappears once again. Almost fifteen years after that, he sees her yet again, this time from a distance he chooses not to bridge. A profoundly affecting novel, OUT OF THE DARK is poignant, strange, delicate, melancholy, and sadly hilarious.

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