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    Paracord bracelet instructions:
    Popular bracelets explained
    Tác giả: Marko Gorc
    Nhà xuất bản: paracordguild
    Năm xuất bản: 2014
    Số trang: 252
    Ngôn ngữ: tiếng Anh
    Giá bán: $9,00
    Định dạng file: epub; PDF

    A simple name for a simple book. Paracord bracelet instructions is a book designed to give you the paracord bracelet designs you need as the base upon which you can build. The book is not just a collection of paracord bracelet patterns, but a guide that shows you various ways in which you can make bracelets.

    It helps you choose the supplies, decide on how to start and finish your bracelet as well as shows you how to make a paracord bracelet in various designs.

    The book offers a complete set of skills and tips needed to learn how to make paracord bracelets:

    - bracelet making fundamentals

    - good and bad practices

    - how to get supplies

    - essential paracord bracelet designs explained in step by step tutorials

    - advanced bracelet making techniques that will make your bracelets stand out

    - principles of making paracord bracelets that will help you grow as a craftsman

    With this book you will be able to consolidate your knowledge, use it as a reference book as well as bring the paracord crafts to new audiences.

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