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    2007 | ISBN: 0972530061 | 200 pages, Audio CD | DOC, wma | 55,3 MB

    Speak Business English Like an American is the new book & audio CD set designed to help you succeed on the job - whatever you're doing, wherever you're working. The set is great for self-study, with dozens of helpful exercises to reinforce the material.

    American English speakers use many phrases and expressions on the job. If you don’t know these expressions, you’re left out of the conversation. You’re out of it. This book & CD will help you speak business English like an American — quickly and confidently. Once you have the knack, no one can take it away from you. With this book and CD, your career will benefit for years to come.

    You’ll learn the idioms & expressions that you hear at work. What do your colleagues and coworkers, your customers or clients really mean? How can you use these expressions too?

    Language is always changing and business English changes especially fast. That’s why we’ve explained the most up-to-date expressions — today’s business English. Now you’ll be able to use these expressions, too. People will marvel at your command of English.


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    Nguồn: sachtienganh.ucoz.com
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    Đôi khi có những tài liệu rất xịn, vứt 1 xó và ít ai biết đến. :(
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    tớ sưu tầm được cả bốn bộ sách như vậy của cùng tác giả luôn nè :)
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    rất cảm ơn vì đã share những tài liệu quý hiếm này.
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