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    +IELTS Writing (2007 The New Oriental).Pdf

    +IELTS Writing bank 7 (Pham Van).pdf

    +IELTS Writing with detailed outline (Daquan).pdf

    +The New Oriental Writing IELTS ACADEMIC-Flash Tutorial

    +Writing IELTS sentence patterns in 64 particular subjects.pdf

    +Some sentence samples for IELTS WRITING TASK 2.pdf

    +Improve_your_IELTS_Writing Skill (Sam mccarter-2007 MACMILLAN).pdf

    +IELTS Writing high-frequency words subtotal 12 WORD.pdf

    +How to avoid writing in the IELTS exam lose any points.pdf

    +Essay writing for english test (2002 gabi duigu) - preparing for IELTS academic writing.pdf

    +Academic writing practice for IELTS (2002 sam mccarter).pdf

    +A ten day step-by-step guide to the IELTS writing test.pdf

    +A Sollution to score 8 in IELTS writing .pdf


    +Visuals Writing about Graphs-Tables-Diagrams (2001 Gabi Duigu)

    +Words use for discribing trends or movements in graph.pdf

    + IELTS Writing Task 1 - academic module 1.pdf

    Writing sample (collected by xmen1903.com)




    +writeexpress 4001 Letter (software)


    +597 business and personal Letters.exe

    +54 IELTS LETTER SAMPLE in THEME (xmen suu tam).doc

    +1001 bai viet tieng Anh danh cho nguoi moi hoc (Ky 3-Letter).pdf


    80 days to overcome IELTS Writing (Chres Green)

    IELTS Writing (2007 The New Oriental)

    Best to simplify IELTS Writing (Kirk Kenny-2010 Bejing University Press)

    Essential Writing for IELTS

    Essential Writing for the IELTS Test (John a Gordon)

    IELTS Precise Writing (Eve Bower-2009 J.L.English)

    IELTS Writing (2006 tianjun University Press)

    IELTS Writing (2007 NXB China Machine Press)

    IELTS Writing (Benjamin Brown-2007 Hilight Publishing)

    IELTS Writing (Jeremy Rawkins-2007 Hilight Publishing)

    IELTS Writing (John Gardon-2009 Higher Edu Press)

    IELTS Writing Achieve 6.5 (VIDEO)

    IELTS Writing Comprehension (2007 Higher Education Press))

    IELTS Writing examination Techniques (2004 Foreign Language Press)

    IELTS-Writing and Speaking Examples

    Modular IELTS Writing (2006 China Machine Press)

    Other Reference Writings Ebook

    Outline in IELTS Writing (2008 Global IELTS School)

    The All Purpose Band 8 Academic IELTS Writing (Fitzgerald)

    Written word within ten days of raising the amount to 20000.doc

    Writing Task 1 - Band 9 collection .PDF

    Writing Skills for the IELTS Test (Mark Mogan).pdf

    Pat’s Ten-day step-by-step guide to IELTS Writing Test.pdf

    IELTS writing task 2 essay (100 plus essay).pdf

    IELTS Writing in the official question bank Pham Van Daquan.rar.pdf


    Gifted clearance IELTS - Writing.pdf

    7 Plus sample Essays for the IELTS Writing.pdf


    101 Helpful Hints for IELTS (1999 Sydney Aus)

    202 Useful Exercises for IELTS (2002 Sydney Aus)

    ELTS British Council for General Training(CD-ROM SEFL-STUDY)

    A book for IELTS (2003 Intelligene)_CD Audio and ebook

    Action_plan_for_IELTS (2006 cambridge)

    Building skills for IELTS

    Focus on academic skills for IELTS (2005 long man)

    Focus on Academic Skills for IELTS new 2010

    Focus On IELTS (2002 Longman)

    Focus On IELTS Foundation (2007 Longman)

    Focus on IELTS new Edition 2010

    Graduation IELTS (2007 macmillan) - for band 5.5-7.5)

    High impact IELTS (2004 longman)

    IELTS Essential Preparation (John a Gordon)

    IELTS express - intermediate (2006 thomson)

    IELTS express - uper inter (2006 thomson)

    IELTS for academic purpose (2009 mcgraw hill)

    IELTS foundation (2004 macmillan)-for band 4-4.5)

    IELTS masterclass (2008 oxford)

    IELTS mission academic (bob obee-2010 expres pbulishing)

    IELTS mission general (bob obee-2010 expres pbulishing)

    IELTS Strategies for Study (1996 MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY )

    Improve your IELTS (2007 macmillan)-for 4.5-7.5

    Insight into IELTS (2001-cambridge)

    Insight into IELTS (2008 cambridge) - the new

    Insight into IELTS extra (2003 cambridge in china)

    Instant for IELTS (2004 cambridge)

    Kaplan IELTS 2009-2010 edition_cd

    Luyen thi IELTS (ssdg)

    Objective IELTS advanced (2006 cambridge)

    Objective IELTS intermediate (2006 cambridge)

    On course for IELTS book (2003 oxford)

    Passport to IELTS (1995 LONG MAN)

    Preparation and Practice IELTS (1997 OXFORD)

    Prepare for IELTS - Skills and Strategies - Listening & Speaking (2007 INSEACH)

    Prepare for IELTS (1991-INSEARCH)

    Specimen Materials (1995 CAMBRIDGE)

    Step Up To IELTS (2004 Cambridge)

    IELTS British Council for General Training(CD-ROM SEFL-STUDY).rar

    IELTS Scores Explained 2009.rar


    404 Essential tests for IELTS Academic Module (2006 Autrailia)

    Achieve 2 IELTS (2006 marshall cavendish)

    Achieve IELTS (update 2008 marshall cavendish)

    Barron_'s_IELTS (2008)

    Cambridge IELTS 1 (2001) - Full Audio and Ebook

    Cambridge IELTS 2 (2002) - Full Audio and Ebook

    Cambridge IELTS 3 (2002) - Full Audio and Ebook

    Cambridge IELTS 4 (2005) - Full Audio and Ebook

    Cambridge IELTS 4 (2005) - Full Audio and Ebook

    Cambridge IELTS 5 (2006) - Full Audio and Ebook

    Cambridge IELTS 6 (2007) - Full Audio and Ebook

    Cambridge IELTS 7 (2008) - Full Audio and Ebook

    Cambridge IELTS 8 (2010) - Full Audio and Ebook

    Cambridge IELTS 9 (2013) - Full Audio and Ebook

    IELTS help now.com (2008)

    IELTS plus (2001 longman)

    IELTS plus (2001 longman)

    IELTS plus 2 (2005 longman)

    IELTS plus 3 (2011 longman)

    IELTS practice test 1 (2006 james milton)

    IELTS practice test 2 (2006 james milton)

    IELTS practice now (1996 uni south australia)

    IELTS practice test (2004 peter may - oxford)

    IELTS practice test (2005thomson)

    IELTS practice test (IELTS 9)

    IELTS practice test (2009 china machine press)

    IELTS resource pack

    IELTS test builder (2003 sam mccarter)

    IELTS test builder 2(2008 macmillan)

    IELTS to success (1997 australia)

    Official IELTS Practice Material (2009 ETS)

    Official IELTS Practice Materials 2 (new 2010)

    On_track IELTS for general training (2006 uni south aus)

    Scott's IELTS (2006)

    Specimen Materials IELTS (1995 CAMBRIDGE) 20 pages

    The new prepare for IELTS -academic(2007 insearch)

    The new prepare for IELTS -general training (2007 insearch)


    80 days to overcome IELTS Listening (Chres Green)

    Essential Listening For IELTS

    Essential Listening for IELTS Test (John a Gordon)

    IELTS Listening ( Eve Bower-2009 J.T.English)

    IELTS Listening (2006 tianjun University Press)

    IELTS Listening (2007 China Machine Press)

    IELTS Listening Comprehension (2007 Higher Education Press)

    IELTS Listening Leader (Justine Ball-IELTS 9)

    IELTS Listening Pratice Test - Beijing (12 test)

    IELTS Practice Listening Test (2006 beijing University Press)

    Key to success in IELTS Listening Test(2008 Global IELTS School)

    LECTURE READY 3 (Strategies Listening Accademic)

    Listening Strategies for the IELTS Test


    Spell it out loud (hoc spelling Alphabet dung trong Listening)

    How to solve the IELTS listening post questions in the keywords.doc

    IELTS Listening Test 13 hidden rules (Xiang Jie ).doc

    IELTS names appear in the probability of a higher frequency of.doc

    Kinh nghiem nghe cua thi sinh 8.5.doc

    Solving IELTS Listening Difficulties.doc

    IELTS Listening battle strategy.pdf

    IELTS Listening directly to 6 pm.pdf

    Audio number letters.zip


    Essential Reading For IELTS

    IELTS Essential Reading (John a Gordon)

    IELTS Precise Reading (IELTS 9)

    IELTS Reading - New Exprerience

    IELTS Reading (2006 tianjun University Press)

    IELTS Reading (Eve Bower-2009 J.T.English)

    IELTS Reading (Kirk Kenny-2007 Hilight Publishing)

    IELTS Reading 12 (Benjanin Brown-2007 Hilight Publishing)

    IELTS Reading 123 (Benjamin Brown-2008 Hiling Publishing)

    IELTS Reading 3 (Benjamin Brown-2008 Hiling Publishing)

    IELTS READING 4 (Kirk Kenny-2009 BJ IELTS)

    IELTS Reading Comprehension (2007 Higher Education Press)

    Key to success in IELTS Reading Test (2007 Global IELTS School)

    Preparation and Practice IELTS GENERAL (1997 OXFORD)

    Academic Reading For IELTS Test (Vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem link

    IELTS Reading Accademic (Vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem link New Oriental).pdf

    IELTS Reading and writing test (china) - 7A test + 7GT test.pdf

    IELTS Reading Tests (mccarter & Art - 2001 Intelligene).pdf

    Improve Your IELTS_Reading_Skills (2007 Macmillan).pdf

    Practical Skills for IELTS Reading.pdf

    Practice Skill IELTS READING.pdf

    The latest IELTS reading guide.pdf


    Master IELTS Superior Speaking (Patrick Hafenstein-IELTS 9)

    Top Real IELTS Speaking Test (Wanglu 807 Daquan).pdf

    30 days IELTS Speaking (2005 Foreign Language Press)

    80 days to overcome IELTS Speaking (Chres Green)

    Braintomer for IELTS Speaking (2006 Global IELTS School)

    Essential IELTS Speaking (John a Gordon)

    IELTS Master of Speaking (2007 China Electric Power Press)

    IELTS speaking - mark allen (2007 the new oriental)

    IELTS speaking - mat clark (2007 the new oriental)

    IELTS Speaking (2006 tianjun University Press)

    IELTS Speaking (2007 NXB China Machine Press)

    IELTS Speaking (2007 NXB Hilight Publishing)

    IELTS Speaking 1 (Test Source for IELTS-2008 sciencep.com)

    IELTS Speaking 2 (Test Source for IELTS-2008 sciencep.com)

    IELTS SPEAKING Audio Only(Carolyn Catt 2007)


    IELTS SPEAKING TEST with sample interview (Dr IRAVANI)

    IELTS Speaking-Passport to English

    IELTS spoken Flash Tutorial (New Oriental )

    Key to success in IELTS speakingtest(2007 Global IELTS School)

    Pat’s Ten-day step-by-step guide to IELTS Speaking Test Edition 2

    Speaking for IELTS Collins

    Ten day IELTS speaking test

    Ten day step by step IELTS Speaking Test (2008 Global English Ten-Day Series)

    Topic IELTS Speaking

    IELTS Speaking Sample Collection By Exmen .Doc

    31 High-Scoring Formulas to Answer every IELTS question.pdf

    A ten day Step by Step Guide to the IELTS Speaking Test (2009 CHINA MACHINE PRESS).pdf


    IELTS Maximiser Educational Book Speaking.pdf

    IELTS Speaking (visadiy).pdf

    IELTS Speaking five-step Success - Yan Wei.pdf

    IELTS Superior Speaking.pdf

    Some Speaking Test 2010 with short answer.pdf

    The latest IELTS Speaking Guide.pdf

    Top Real IELTS Speaking Test (Wanglu 807 Daquan).pdf


    Common mistake intermediate IELTS (2008 cambridge)

    Grammar for IELTS (2007 cambridge)

    Common Mistakes at PET_0521606845.pdf


    Common mistakes in english.pdf





    Don't do in IELTS (video)

    Esl seminars on IELTS

    How to prepare IELTS

    IELTS preparation

    The IELTS tutor (video)

    A short time a very effective learning method IELTS.doc

    Cac bi quyet luyen thi IELTS.doc

    Kinh nghiem luyen thi IELTS.doc

    Six Mistakes in IELTS Note.doc


    A Guide to IELTS.pdf

    A Tips_for_IELTS.pdf

    Ace The IELTS - Essential Tips for IELTS General Training.pdf


    IELTS Full advices in detail(TIENG VIET).pdf


    IELTS suresuccess Band 7+.pdf

    IELTS Target_band_7.pdf

    Strategies for Sucesses in IELTS (Griffiths & Jordan2).pdf


    Essential Pronunciation for the IELTS Test (John a Gordon)


    IELTS express speaking skills dvd (video)

    IELTS speaking test recording (video)

    Study english_IELTS preparation series 1+2+3 (insearch)

    Argument Essay Writing (Video)

    IELTS discussion essay writing (video)

    IELTS how to write a discussion essay oCăn giữautline (part 1 of 2) (video)

    Essay question analysic-what style of question (video)

    IELTS fixing problems in your essay (video)

    How to link an essay's parapraphs together (video)

    How to start sentences in your essay (video)

    IELTS exam letter writing (video)

    Written essay from start to finish (video)

    Video- IELTS essay by vidsss (video)


    80 days to overcome IELTS core vocabulary (Chris Green)

    IELTS expand their vocabulary and reading (New Channel )

    IELTS high-frequency vocabulary (2001 Global IELTS School)

    IELTS vocabulary (807 wanglu-2007 China Machine Press)

    IELTS Vocabulary 6.5 Plus (2007 Cambridge)

    IELTS Vocabulary companion

    IELTS vocabulary selection of Cambridge

    Master of Vocabulary (2007 Century Oriental)

    Vocabulary Classified (2007 New Oriental)

    Vocabulary For IELTS With Answer(2008 Pauline Cullen)

    Vocabulary IELTS listening to 21-day

    Words for Ideas - John Morley.jpg

    Check Your Vocabulary for the IELTS Examination.pdf

    Essential Skills 4 IELTS - Expanding Vocabulary through Reading.pdf

    Global IELTS Expert Analysis of Listening Tests_High Frequency Words_Zhao Xue.pdf

    IELTS academic high-frequency vocabulary.pdf

    IELTS vocabulary wins by ( HU ).pdf

    Words for Ideas - John Morley.pdf

    Abbrebriation vocabulary-Cách viết tắt từ vựng dùng trong ielts listening.xls
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    Mời bạn tham gia group "TỰ HỌC IELTS 9.0" để cùng tham gia thảo thuận và chia sẻ kinh nghiệm học IELTS. Đây cũng là nơi các bạn được giao lưu và học IELTS với những giáo viên dạy hàng đầu tại Việt Nam. Nơi đây bạn sẽ học được các tips cực kỳ hiệu quả mà các giáo viên IELTS đã tổng hợp đúc kinh qua nhiều năm giảng dạy IELTS . Những tips này đã đem lại những điểm số IELTS cực cao cho các học viên của họ chỉ trong vòng một thời gian ngắn. Và bây giờ, họ chia sẻ lại cho tất cả chúng ta qua các facebook của họ. Bạn sẽ biết làm sao để cải thiện khả năng Listening IELTS của bạn trong thời gian ngắn. Bạn sẽ nâng điểm số Reading IELTS bằng cách sử dụng bảng từ đồng nghĩa, mà chỉ trong vòng 3 tuần nâng số câu đúng từ 20 tới 30 câu, mà không phải hiểu nội dung bài đọc...và rất nhiều tips tuyệt vời khác mà bạn sẽ tìm thấy ở group TỰ HỌC IELTS 9.0

    Bạn sẽ tìm thấy những lớp học IELTS chất lượng cao ở ngay gần nơi bạn ở hoặc bạn có thể đăng ký học IELTS online với các thầy cô dạy IELTS hàng đầu Việt Nam.

    Hiện XMEN1903 đã cập nhật thêm rất nhiều sách mới ở group "Tự HỌC IELTS 9.0", cùng với những kinh nghiệm học IELTS của rất nhiều cao thủ IELTS. Bạn sẽ được biết phuơng pháp mà các cao thủ đã học IELTS như thế nào ngay từ những buổi đầu khó khăn chưa biết gì về IELTS, từ khi còn thiếu thốn nguồn tài liệu và khi trình độ tiếng anh của họ còn rất khiêm tốn. Họ đã học IELTS như thế nào.

    Thân mời bạn tham gia group "Tự HỌC IELTS 9.0" nhé : Vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem link
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    Tranh thủ được nghỉ một ngày, đi dạo một vòng qua các website Tiếng Hoa, và tải về một số tài liệu hay mới dưới đây để kịp thời giúp một số bạn đạt điểm đã đạt điểm IELTS 7.0 lên 8.0 .

    Link download trọn bộ các tài liệu IELTS : Vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem link


    15 Days Practice for IELTS Writing.pdf
    Cambridge English Collocations in Use-Advanced.pdf
    Cambridge English Collocations in Use-Intermediate.pdf
    Effortless IELTS Writing .pdf
    Essential Set Phrase and Expression for IELTS Writing and Speaking_Pauline Garcia.pdf
    Improve IELTS Writing from 6 to 7.5_Mark Griffiths.pdf
    Practice for improving your IELTS Writing Skill from 5.5 to 8.0.pdf
    Writing Academic English.pdf

    IELTS reading. Liu Hongbo.pdf
    IELTS Reading wins through - parallel reading method.pdf
    9 test of IELTS reading with analytic answer_Daren .pdf.pdf
    7 weeks easily break IELTS reading take seven points .pdf

    10 test IELTS Listening_Fan Yang (CD Audio and eBook)
    15 day listening (CD Audio only)
    IELTS Listening_Lu Qiao Mei (CD Audio and eBook)

    15day_spractice_for_IELTS_Speaking (CD and Book)
    Racing against IELTS Speaking with day-today Study plans.pdf
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