Ten Thousand Eyes - Richard Collier

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    A remarkable story of a clandestine spy network comprised of sailors, farmers, painters, housewives, and children all unified in one purpose—the fall of the Third Reich.

    TEN THOUSAND EYES is the story of how ordinary men and women from all walks of life risked torture and death in German-occupied Normandy to furnish the allied forces with detailed information of the German coastal defenses, knowledge essential for D-Day success. Working from material both published and unpublished, Richard Collier has created an authentic record of one of the most remarkable episodes of World War II, a human story of a group of ordinary people whose faith paved the way for Eisenhower’s great sweep on D-Day.

    “A fascinating, dramatic, and compelling epic of the day life of a spy net.”
    Chicago Sunday Tribune

    “This is the sort of book the growing number of readers of historical books of World War II avidly awaits. It’s true, it’s well-told and it’s documented. A fascinating addition to World War II history.”
    San Francisco Chronicle

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