Lịch sử The 10 Football Matches That Change the World... and the One That Didn't - Jim Murphy

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    Chapter 1 The Rebirth of Football: Old Etonians v Blackburn. 1883
    Chapter 2 Glasgow’s Football - Is it all Sir Isaac Newton’s Fault?: Rangers v Celtic. 1924
    Chapter 3 More than Just a Club: Real Madrid v Barcelona. 1943
    Chapter 4 Das Wunder von Bern: Hungary v West Germany, 1954
    Chapter 5 Football on Africa’s Alcatraz: Bucks v Rangers, 1967
    Chapter 6 The Soccer War: El Salvador v Honduras. 1969
    Chapter 7 ‘Everything went downhill from that moment on’: England v West Germany, 1970
    Chapter 8 There’s Only One Pat Nevin: Crystal Palace v Chelsea. 1984
    Chapter 9 The Saving of Rupert Murdoch: Nottingham Forest v Liverpool, 1992
    Chapter 10 ‘Justice for the 96!’: Liverpool v Nottingham Forest. 1989
    Chapter 11 The One That Didn’t: Germany v The British Empire. 1914

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