The 100 Greatest Sales Ideas of All Time

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    The 100 Greatest Sales Ideas of All Time

    by Ken Langdon (Author), Jim Cowden (Author) ​

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    [TD="class: alt2"] Book Description
    At last, the secrets of the real sales wizards are revealed in this inspirational book. Here are 100 failsafe tips, techniques and ideas for driving your sales up and up and smashing your targets. The ideas are drawn from sales masters from a variety of backgrounds and sectors, providing a heady mix of the best up-to-date and original sales tactics.
    * Series was previously exclusive to WH Smiths - very successful selling x copies - now available throughout trade and direct channels.
    * Practical and fun to use - simple and unique format.
    * Great advice mixed with a dash of irreverance. [/TD]

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    Enjoy and have a nice holiday :wink:
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