Romance The Fifth Avenue Rebels series - Joanna Shupe (#1~#4)

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    The Heiress Hunt
    (The Fifth Avenue Rebels #1)

    High society reprobate.
    An unconventional heiress.

    Childhood friends.

    Is it too late...

    Knickerbocker scoundrel Harrison Archer returns to New York to discover that his deceased father has bankrupted his estranged family. To save them from ruin, he's forced to quickly find and marry an heiress. For a matchmaker, Harrison turns to the one woman he wishes he could marry: his childhood friend and true love, Maddie, who once broke his heart and is now engaged to a duke.

    For true love?

    When her best friend Harrison left for Paris without a word, Maddie Webster took refuge in her infatuation with tennis. Now Harrison is back and needs her help in finding a bride. Begrudgingly, Maddie arranges a house party in Newport with a guest list of eligible heiresses. But watching Harrison flirt with potential brides is more than she can bear.

    When Harrison and Maddie reunite, the passion between them ignites. But with their marriages to others looming, time is running out. Is their fate inescapable . . .or can love set them free?

    (Published March 9, 2021)

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    The Lady Gets Lucky
    (The Fifth Avenue Rebels #2)

    A first-rate scoundrel.
    A desperate wallflower.
    Lessons in seduction.

    The woman no one notices . . .

    Shy heiress Alice Lusk is tired of being overlooked by every bachelor. Something has to change, else she'll be forced to marry a man whose only desire is her fortune. She needs to become a siren, a woman who causes a man's blood to run hot . . .and she's just met the perfect rogue to help teach her.

    He's the life of every party . . .

    Christopher "Kit" Ward plans to open a not-so-reputable supper club in New York City, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to hire the best chef in the city to guarantee its success. Even if it requires giving carnal lessons to a serious-minded spinster who has an in with the chef.

    Their bedroom instruction grows passionate, and Alice is a much better pupil than Kit had ever anticipated. When the Society gentlemen start to take notice, Kit has to try to win Alice in other ways . . . but is he too late to win her heart?

    (Published October 26, 2021)

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    The Bride Goes Rogue
    (The Fifth Avenue Rebels #3)

    An arranged engagement destined for disaster . . .

    A hard-hearted tycoon.
    A romantic dreamer.
    An engagement set up to fail.

    The charismatic and vivacious Katherine Delafield should be married by now. Her father arranged an engagement to the much sought-after tycoon Preston Clarke ages ago. The only problem is Preston refuses to acknowledge it. But this isn’t going to stop Katherine from living life to the fullest as she ditches all silly notions of love and marriage and sets out to sample all the excitement New York City has to offer . . . the more scandalous the better. Because no matter what happens, she and Preston will never marry.

    After his family nearly lost everything, Preston is done letting his late father ruin his life—including choosing his bride. But when a mysterious lover at a masquerade turns out to be his would-be fiancée, Preston’s resolve begins to crumble. He hadn’t expected Katherine to be so charming. Or beautiful. Or passionate. And seeing her out on the town with other men is driving him crazy.

    What happens when the wrong bride turns out to be the right woman after all?

    (Published December 23, 2022)

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    The Duke Gets Even
    (The Fifth Avenue Rebels #4)

    A rebellious heiress.
    A duke in dire straits.
    An anonymous midnight tryst.

    To escape the shackles of marriage, Nellie Young purposely ruined her reputation a long time ago. Now she dedicates herself to hedonistic pleasures only, like kissing a handsome stranger in the ocean under the moonlight...

    To save his estate, the proper Duke of Lockwood must marry the perfect bride -- wealthy, with an unblemished reputation. While in New York he's the perfect gentleman, and no one knows he's suppressing his darkest desires. The last thing he needs is another scandal.

    Except Nellie sees through Lockwood's charade, straight to the real man underneath. This uptight duke is far more than he lets on, and she can't resist him. Their secret affair turns scorching, far more than either expected. And when his beautiful rebel finds an unconventional cause, Lockwood has to decide if he's willing to sacrifice everything to keep her.

    (Published 24 January 2023)

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