The Italian billionaire's bride - Trish Morey

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    The Itallian Billionaire's Bride
    Trish Morey

    Roberto Peroni left Montvelatte determined to make his fortune. Now a success, he has returned to his homeland as a financial advisor to the prince—and is shocked to find the sister of a childhood friend living in reduced circumstances. Roberto has the means to help Carmelina, but her pride won’t allow it!
    Carmelina Milazzo is at risk of losing her job as dresser to the soon-to-be princess—and that’s something she cannot afford. But when self-made billionaire (and Carmelina’s former crush) Roberto Peroni steps in and helps her keep her position, Carmelina fears the tycoon will expect repayment on terms even more dear…

    P/S: Có ai kiếm được cái cover của truyện này thì cho mình xin với. Mình kiếm hoài mà không thấy.


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