Mystery The man who knew too much - G. K. Chesterton

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    by Gilbert Keith Chesterton KC*SG
    Cassell & Co, London, UK, 1922


    The man who knew too much : And other stories is a book of detective stories by English writer G. K. Chesterton, published between April 1920 and June 1922 by Cassell & Company in the United Kingdom and Harper Brothers in the United States. It contains eight connected short stories about The man who knew too much, and unconnected stories featuring other heroes/detectives. The United States edition contains one of these additional stories The trees of pride, while the United Kingdom edition contains Trees of pride and three shorter stories The garden of smoke, The five of swords and The tower of treason.

    1. The face in the target (vol. 140, April 1920, pp. 577–587)
    2. The vanishing prince - A story (August 1920, pp. 320–330)
    3. The soul of the schoolboy (vol. 141, Sept. 1920, pp. 512–521)
    4. The bottomless well (vol. 142, March 1921, pp. 504–514)
    5. The fad of the fisherman (June 1921, pp. 9–20)
    6. The hole in the wall (vol. 143, Oct. 1921, pp. 572–586)
    7. The temple of silence (vol. 144, May 1922, pp. 783–798)
    8. The vengeance of the statue (vol. 145, June 1922, pp. 10–22)

    The 1934 film and its 1956 remake have nothing except the title in common with this book. Alfred Hitchcock, who directed both films, decided to use the title because he held the film rights for some of the book's stories. Soviet movie The face in the target (Лицо на мишени) was made in 1979.


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