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    Why can’t I lose the extra weight?

    Why am I shedding like my pet golden retriever?

    I’m just too tired to have sex— and it hurts. What should I do?

    How can I tell the difference between the “baby blues” and a real depression?
    Why am I having so many fights with my husband?At last your baby has arrived, and you’re experiencing all the joys that come with being a new mom. But you may not have bargained on acne and enlarged feet, not to mention constipation, vaginal pain, mood swings, or perhaps one of the more serious conditions that pregnancy can trigger. So what can you do to deal with all these unexpected challenges? In this compassionate, comprehensive guide, Dr. Jennifer Wider, a physician as well as the mother of two small children, delivers up-to-date medical information, candid answers to a host of questions, and expert advice on a range of postpartum issues, including:

    Sex and intimacy after pregnancy—physical and mental roadblocks
    •Marital stresses and strains
    •How to safely lose weight and exercise
    •Cracked nipples and other breast-feeding concerns
    •When the baby blues are more than just a phase
    •Coping with thyroid problems, anemia, diabetes, urinary incontinence, and other conditions that can show up during or after pregnancy​

    From redefining yourself to taking care of yourself while caring for your baby, The New Mom’s Survival Guide offers such a wealth of practical help that new moms will turn to it again and again.​

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