The passion bargain (Foreign affairs) - Michelle Reid

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    Michelle Reid born and grew up in Manchester in the Northwest of England with her four siblings. Her mother always animated to her children to read.

    She is married, and continues living in England, but she adores to travel by the Mediterranean and to visit different countries. Michelle has recently been seen working near St Paul's Cathedral, London.

    Michelle Reid is a great friend of American singer Taylor Dayne.

    Michelle has recently married in Kent.

    Michelle is also great friends of Graham Clarke who is an artist in Boughton Monchelsea.

    Sơ lược nội dung:

    "Carlo won't take no for an answer. The passionate Italian has set his sights on Francesca, who stirs him with her beauty and innocence more . . . But Francesca is also an heiress, and already engaged to a man whom Carlo believes is a gold-digger. There's only one way he can protect Francesca - and fulfill his desire - and that's to claim her for himself, as his wife. So begins Carlo's slow, but intense, and incredibly sensual, seduction to persuade Francesca to become his bride . . ."

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