The Sahara - A Cultural History - Eamonn Gearon [epub,mobi]

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    The Sahara: A Cultural History” covers the history of the Great Desert, from prehistoric origins to today’s political dramas.

    Millennia of human habitation, eleven modern nations, and landscapes that appeal and appall in equal measure: seas of sand and moonlike mountains, wastelands of rock and life-giving oases.

    The Sahara’s human landscape is made up of nomads, hunters, farmers, and countless sword and gun-wielding invaders.

    Others came bearing pens and paint brushes, and centuries of artists, authors, poets, and film-makers have found their muse in the Sahara.

    Explorers, adventurers, and geographers have all crossed the Sahara, searching for gold, slaves, salt; for fame and fortune. Three million souls know the Great Desert as home.

    For adventurers and armchair travellers alike, “The Sahara” is the perfect book. It is guaranteed to please all who delight in history; fans of film; devotees of poetry and prose; political junkies seeking understanding of contemporary North Africa; and all desert lovers!

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