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    A Healthy Recipes Guidebook For Babies
    by Nataly Shvinkelstain - N.D.


    A vegan diet guidebook for infants, which includes 80 healthy, delicious and easy to make recipes for every stage of the baby's development, from birth to 12 month old.

    The book is suitable for parents who are concerned about their children's health and seek science-based guidance and a healthy nutritious vegan diet for their kids.

    The book is an important source of nutritional information and will help you to understand the following topics:
    *Which foods should be in your baby's diet to avoid nutritional deficiencies
    *What nutritional supplements should be given and under what conditions
    *Recommendations for Introducing Solid Foods, food combinations and recipes rich in protein, iron, calcium, omega- 3 and other essential nutrients.
    *The right foods for each stage, from birth to 1 year old. ​

    The book also offers a weekly menu of vegan recipes for the baby.

    In this book you will find 80 tasty recipes: Pureed fruits and vegetables, Porridges, Soups, Casseroles, Healthy sauces for pasta, Spreads, "Meat" balls, Vegetables and tofu fritters, Pancakes, Vegan milk, as well as Finger food ideas and A healthy sweets Ideas.

    You will also learn what tools do you need to implement a balanced vegan diet for babies, how to maintain an 'infants-optimized' pantry (a shopping list of suitable products) and recommendations for dietary supplements for infants.

    In addition, attached in the end of the book is a free gift for you - a healthy menu for mom, rich in iron and calcium.

    About the author: Nataly Shvinkelstain is a vegan naturopath N.D and a mother of two vegans children's from birth.
    Natural family medicine specialist, running a private clinic. Family counselor, taking care of the natural health of people of all ages and treatment of various diseases with nutrition.

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