The Snow Spider Series - Jenny Nimmo

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    Tham gia ngày: Aug 2008
    Nơi Cư Ngụ: Ha Noi
    Bài gởi: 359
    Xin cảm ơn: 889
    Được cảm ơn 6,710 lần trong 300 bài

    [TD="class: alt1, bgcolor: #F8F7F4"][​IMG] The Snow Spider Series_Jenny Nimmo
    [HR][/HR]"The Snow Spider "( tựa tiếng Việt: Nhện Tuyết) là quyển mở đầu trong series 3 tập "The Snow Spider" của Jenny Nimmo.Cuốn này được viết từ năm 1986, chủ đề chính( lại) là pháp thuật, tớ mới tìm được quyển 1, còn 2quyển sau bạn nào có thì share luôn nhá![​IMG]

    Quyển 1


    "ifts from Gwyn's grandmother on his tenth birthday open up a whole new world to him, as he discovers he has magical powers that help him heal the breach with his father that has existed ever since his sister's mysterious disappearance four years before."

    Quyển 2


    Young magician Gywn and his friend Nia have been warned to stay away from Emlyn Llewelyn, the strange boy who claims his mother lives on the moon. And yet, a mysterious magic continues to draw them to him. But why? ?It's up to Gwyn and Nia to solve the mystery, with the help of Arianwen, the Snow Spider. Readers will race along with Gwyn in this fantastic magical adventure to rescue Emlyn and his family before it's too late!

    Quyển 3


    To purge the anger from an ancient Welsh demonic god that he had helped release, and to soothe a moody, troubled soldier, Gwyn Griffiths draws on the strength of his namesake and ancestor in Welsh magic, Gwydion Gwyn

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