The Sweetest Thing - Barbara Freethy (mobi/epub)

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    By Barbara Freethy

    Paperback: 384 pages
    Published: April 1st 1999 by Avon Books
    Original title:The Sweetest Thing
    ISBN: 0380794810 (ISBN13: 9780380794812)
    Edition language:English


    #1 New York Times Bestseller Barbara Freethy delivers a romantic, touching and sometimes humorous story of love and family, with a cast of quirky, loveable characters.
    From the back cover ...

    SHE LONGED FOR A CHILD - Alone in the world, Faith Christopher had always yearned for love and a man who'd make her heart pound. But her dreams of a place to call home were getting harder to hold on to ...

    HE WAS STUBBORNLY SINGLE - Alex Carrigan liked fast cars, fast women and fast deals - then a tough-talking teenager arrived on his doorstep claiming she was his long-lost daughter, and his meddling grandfather decided to move in. Suddenly, Alex has to face the family he never expected.


    Little did the outspoken and beautiful baker know that deep inside Alex was a well of tenderness ... and that she might have the recipe to bring him true love - the sweetest thing life has to offer.


    "The Sweetest Thing is a heart-tugging tale of family and the healing power of love. Barbara Freethy has created a delightful cast of quirky yet lovable characters and brought them to full life. The Sweetest Thing is a story as enjoyable and richly satisfying as one of the heroine's chocolate eclairs!" Romance Fiction Forum - AOL

    "Freethy has crafted an entertaining and moving contemporary romance. The mystical elements are well handled and enrich the story. But ultimately, The Sweetest Thing is about the importance of love and family, for it is love that makes family sweet." The Romance Reader

    "Ms. Freethy has again done a wonderful job of crafting an intriguing plot line and peopling it with fully developed characters that have all of the flaws and foibles common to human beings." Bookbug on the Web

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