Phật Giáo The Vision of Dhamma: Buddhist Writings of Nyanaponika Thera

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    "How fortunate for the growing number of Dhamma students to have this collection of essays . . . in an authoritative, direct, clear and hope-inspiring voice." —Sylvia Boorstein, author, Don't Just Do Something, Sit There!

    From the Publisher
    Venerable Nyanaponika wrote about the Buddhist vision with extraordinary clarity and depth, presenting it as the most viable solution to the crisis and confusion faced by humankind today. The "Vision of Dhamma" refers to the penetrating insight into the real nature of existence that can be glimpsed. This collection was originally published in Sri Lanka and is now republished in the West in response to a global flourishing of interest in these teachings.

    From the Author
    To be free from suffering--this wish of all beings is also the origin of religion. If there were no suffering, there would be no religion. For the ultimate purpose of religion, is after all, nothing but the deliverance from suffering, although of course suffering is understood rather differently depending on the stage of development reached by a particular person. The extent and diversity of suffering in the world is immense, and it is just as immensely difficult to free oneself from its iron embrace, which seems to hold us fast without prospect of escape....the number of people are no longer content with [belief in a hereafter] is constantly growing, people who will not and cannot be put off with promises of a next world. It is to these doubters and seekers that the Buddha's teaching speaks today, as well as to anyone who is willing to listen. This teaching comes to us as truly "good news," with the announcement that: "There is deliverance, and it has been found! It can be experienced and realized in this life and in this world!" Certainly the way leading to deliverance from suffering is a long and arduous one, but it is plain and clearly marked, and can be followed by one's own efforts. One of its advantages is that it offers a "gradual training, gradual practice, gradual progress," and that the first steps on the path can be taken even by those who do not have much spiritual strength to begin with.

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