Tìm sách The Ancient Wisdom Of The Chinese Tonic Herbs

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    Mình đang kiếm cuốn sách về cách sử dụng thảo dược Bạn download được thì share cho mình với Thank nhiều

    Physical health, this book explains, is irrelevant if it is accompanied by unhappiness and failure. Herbal expert Ron Teeguarden explains how to apply natural Chinese herbal medicine in order to lead a full and energetic life.

    For over twenty years, master herbalist Ron Teeguarden has studied Chinese tonic herbs. Now, demystifying this ancient and effective method of health care, he presents the ultimate, comprehensive guide to...

    In this clear and concise encyclopedia of Chinese tonic herbalism, Teeguarden identifies over seventy powerful herbs, and explains how they work and how to take them, both alone and in combination. Drawing on centuries-old recipes, he shows you how to use these special formulas to vigorously promote:

    Combining traditional Taoist health principles with cutting-edge scientific knowledge, THE ANCIENT WISDOM OF THE CHINESE TONIC HERBS will help you develop a regimen that is natural and inexpensive, and vital to your physical and emotional well-being.

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    Quyển này ko có ebook. Trang amazon bán sách giấy.
    Nếu may mắn thì có người scan hoặc chụp lại nhưng google sơ qua thì ko có.

    Cơ hội tìm thấy thấp.
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    Thank bạn Vậy phải mua sách giấy rùi huhuhuuhu
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