Phật Giáo Wake Up: A Life of the Buddha

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    by Jack Kerouac (Author), Robert Thurman (Introduction)​
    • Paperback: 224 pages
    • Publisher: Penguin Books (October 27, 2009)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 0143116010
    • ISBN-13: 978-0143116011
    Jack Kerouac?s profound meditations on the Buddha?s life and religion

    In the mid-1950s, Jack Kerouac, a lifelong Catholic, became fascinated with Buddhism, an interest that had a significant impact on his ideas of spirituality and later found expression in such books as Mexico City Bluesand The Dharma Bums. Originally written in 1955 and now published for the first time in paperback, Wake Up is Kerouac?s retelling of the life of Prince Siddhartha Gotama, who as a young man abandoned his wealthy family and comfortable home for a lifelong search for enlightenment. Distilled from a wide variety of canonical scriptures, Wake Up serves as both a penetrating account of the Buddha?s life and a concise primer on the principal teachings of Buddhism.

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