Romance When a Lord Needs a Lady - Jane Goodger

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    When a Lord Needs a Lady
    by Jane Goodger

    Lord Graham Spencer needs a wife.

    But not just any girl will do. She must have the money to save his dilapidated estate and desperate tenants. So when he meets a charming American lady’s maid on the beach at Brighton, the last thing he ought to do is kiss her.

    Katherine Wright is hunting a titled husband.

    Or at least her mother is. But Katherine can’t get the memory of a most inappropriate kiss out of her mind. The handsome stranger who took her in his arms in Brighton was only a valet, but even if she is an heiress, she’d rather spend her life with him than some stiff British aristocrat.

    Can true love survive two false identities, two scheming mamas, and two lavish house parties where all is revealed? It can…

    Praise for the novels of Jane Goodger:

    “Gentle humor, witty banter, and attractive characters.” —Library Journal on Marry Christmas

    “A touching, compassionate, passion-filled romance.” —Romantic Times on A Christmas Waltz

    About Jane Goodger

    I grew up in western Massachusetts and have lived most my adult life in New England. Thanks to my adventurous husband, I've also done brief stints in Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Naples, Italy. Although I've written four contemporary romances under the name Jane Blackwood, my first love is historical romances. I've written seven of those with more on the way.

    I have three kids, one who is in competitive gymnastics, another who's just starting out; the oldest is a Kung Foo fanatic. I love the Red Sox and the New England Patriots. Still can't believe my beloved Sox have won two World Series in my life time.

    I have two Christmas historicals coming out soon, one in October '08 and one in '09. Above the desk in my office is this sign: "And They All Lived Happily Ever After." It may not be reality, but it's real nice to think about...

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