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  1. sannyas60

    sannyas60 Lớp 8

    Uầy, thấy ai xin sách đều ngon lành cả:D
    Ai có cho mình xin cuốn này với nhé
    'The book of man'

    Vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem link
  2. teacher.anh

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    Cuốn này hiện không có ebook free nha bạn @sannyas60
    sannyas60 thích bài này.
  3. mr.buiduytung

    mr.buiduytung Lớp 7

    Fan Osho mà không tự trả tiền mua sách à?
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  4. sannyas60

    sannyas60 Lớp 8

    13$ => 13*25 = 300 000 đ
    Nhưng mà em không có thẻ vísa thì mua thế nào được bác ???
  5. Ban Tang Du Tử

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    Xem ra xin xỏ thất bại. Chuyển kế hoạch B đi. Mượn người có thẻ gì gì đó mua sách, chuyển khoản ATM trả nợ. :D . Lại lập 1 cái topic là được.
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  6. muatatnang

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    Book of Man
    Author: Osho
    Format: PDF

    In The Book Of Man, Osho discusses how most of mankind has become alienated from their spiritual selves in the quest for power, glory, and success. He also talks about how this quest of mankind is resulting in a slow disconnect from creativity and innocence. The spiritual leader assesses man from the point of view of the society, and how he is shaped and victimized by the conditions imposed upon him. He also points out politics and religion as the two major elements that have contributed to the shaping of the modern man. With the belief that bringing back innocence is the only way to bring back paradise, Osho challenges political manifestos and the various religions that shape world order today. The Book Of Man is an assessment of the various roles that man plays in society, like the son, the father, the animal, the robot, the playboy, the beggar, and the monk. The author examines in detail how all these roles are playing key parts in the directionlessness of man. Osho touches on several sensitive topics in the book. For example, he has supported and encouraged homosexuality and observed it as an essential phase during the growth of man. In the final part of the book, Osho describes his vision of a new man by exploring the roles of the meditator, the gambler, the warrior, and the creator.

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  7. muatatnang

    muatatnang Lớp 5

    Lâu quá không up file giờ mới phát hiện diễn đàn không còn cho đính kèm trực tiếp dạng pdf nữa àh?
    sannyas60 thích bài này.
  8. sannyas60

    sannyas60 Lớp 8

    Oh my god, thank you very very much:Rotmat1:
  9. sannyas60

    sannyas60 Lớp 8

    Uầy, có nhắc đến VN nềcute_smiley18

    There are religious mafias, there are political mafias, and they go on exploiting you. They may be enemies to each other, but on one point they all agree: that a man should not be allowed to love himself. That cuts his roots from his own being, and then he is helpless, rootless, just a driftwood, so whatever you want to make of him you can.
    The people of this country were killing innocent, poor people in Vietnam. What business was it of theirs? And it was not one-sided. You were sending your own, who have not tasted anything of life, to kill and to be killed in the name of democracy, in the name of America. But why should one sacrifice oneself in any name? Mohammedans and Christians have been fighting, killing each other, in the name of God. Both are fighting and killing in the same name -- God. A strange world we have created!
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