The Complete I-Ching by Taoist Master Alfred Huang

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    The Complete I Ching

    “This translation, from a Taoist master, is the most extensive treatment of the subject I have ever encountered... the quality of the work is so exceptional that it is hard to find fault with it... if you wish to learn this system, this book will be an indispensable aid to your education. There is such a wealth of information contained in this book (each page contains the hexagram being discussed and the ideograph of the name, so there is no confusion) that it is hard to overstate the usefulness of this work... This it is of use and benefit for both the novice and the more experienced user.”
    “Huang succeeds, also, in producing a work that keeps opening up new vistas of understanding and inviting the reader to explore the many layers of discovery offered by the mathematical, visual and literary dimensions of the classic.”
    If some years
    were added to my life,
    I would dedicate fifty years
    to study of the Book of I,
    and then I might come
    to be without great fault.

    AT AGE 70​

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