300 Days of Better Writing by David Bowman

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    Không post thì ngứa chân ngứa tay; post thì sợ anh em ta thán, nói sao "spam" diễn đàn hoài vậy!

    Cuốn sách gồm 300 bài học ngắn hướng dẫn cách viết tiếng Anh đúng ngữ pháp; nội dung rất cơ bản (không quá nâng cao, không đi sâu vào cú pháp); các bạn có thể vừa ôn luyện ngữ pháp trong ngữ cảnh cụ thể, vừa học cách tránh sai sót khi viết, vừa luyện cách viết theo các mẫu câu đơn giản.

    Learn to write clearly, correctly, and powerfully. 300 Days of Better Writing teaches you to write and edit like a professional--one day at a time. Strategies and techniques are broken down into specific actions, and major concepts are presented as a series of discrete lessons. The topic index and cross-reference guide will help you explore broad topics in depth. Use this book to answer the question, What can I do right now to make my writing better?

    300 Days of Better Writing provides 300 strategies for effective writing. Broad topics are presented as individual lessons and distributed throughout the book so that you have time to learn, practice, and master one strategy before learning a new strategy on the same topic. Whether you learn one strategy a day, read them all at once, or explore a specific topic, 300 Days of Better Writing will help you write well.

    As one reader noted: "The book's style and structure make each 'daily' lesson easy to understand and help the reader start applying the lesson immediately. Bowman skillfully hits his intended target on every page, providing great perspective and examples without unnecessary fluff. Furthermore, Bowman does a superb job of communicating the mechanics, tactics, and strategy for each tool, assisting the readers with their immediate challenges while reminding them of the 'big picture' objectives involved in any writing effort."

    Will this book help people who write [insert genre]? Yes! Most writing issues cut across all writing types. Where do you put the comma? What are the components of paragraphs? How do you structure sentences to improve reader understanding? Who is your audience? How do you transform lifeless, boring writing into vigorous writing that engages the reader? These questions apply to business, fiction, nonfiction, technical, and academic writing. So yes, if you write [insert genre again], 300 Days of Better Writing will help you.

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    thanks for yout posts, it'll benefit for everyone and no concern us anything, if you have more books, don't hesitate to contribute to our form. Good days :)
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    Thanks for your kind encouragement! I'll try my best to find English learning books which are most interesting and most suitable to the general readers. What's good for me is surely good to every others!
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    Cám ơn 1953snake nhiều lắm luôn; cuốn sách này đọc rất dễ chịu, giống như thể mình đang 'đàm đạo' với một bậc 'minh triết' vậy vì, mặc dù nội dung có tính 'academic' nhưng cách truyền đạt lại làm mình nhớ tới cách viết của Will Durant trong cuốn 'The Story of Philosophy' vậy. Cuốn này đặc biệt thích hợp cho người học Tiếng Anh thuộc loại 'false beginners' và cho các thầy cô giáo nữa.
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